Why you should be excited for the American Gods series

Why you should be excited for the American Gods series

Yesterday it was announced that we have to wait until July for the next series of Game of Thrones. While that is still a ridiculously long time to wait, we don’t have to cry in a corner yet. Next month, the Starz series American Gods, based on the novel of the same name by Neil Gaiman will be aired. Every trailer released so far looks fantastic. So here are the reasons why you should be excited for the American Gods series.

1. The story is relevant today

We live in a world that is torn between religions. We are torn between believers and non-believers. This is a world obsessed by technology, almost worshipping it. This is what American Gods is about. It’s about the Old Gods who got their powers from being worshipped. Their powers are waning now that people have turned to the New Gods, such as the Gods of media and celebrity. Even though the novel is quite old now, the story is still very much relevant in the world we live in today.

2. It’s based on a story by Neil Gaiman

I might be slightly biased, but Neil Gaiman is a literary mastermind. He is the nice guy who tells you all these fantastic stories that creep into your head. His words are the ones that keep you awake at night when you try to sleep but then you remember that monsters are real. I think Neil has a talent for writing characters that get under your skin. While the American Gods novel was fantastic and a must-read, he has written more fantastic novels that are definitely worth checking out.

3. It looks amazing

From the trailer we can tell that the series is going to be dark. From what I’ve seen, I liked the way they filmed it and the actors are fantastic. With such a great story, there is nothing that could possibly go wrong.


The eight-episode series will appear on Starz Network on the 30th of April. Are you excited?



Article written by Ingrid

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