Why we're excited for Game of Thrones Season 7

Why we’re excited for Game of Thrones Season 7

For many years now, millions of us have been wondering who would finally end up on that rather uncomfortable Iron Throne. Personally, I would let others get an iron butt, but hey, that’s just me. Anyway, it’s been a while since the jolly adventures of Daenerys and co started and we are getting very close to the conclusion. In fact, this season, which won’t air until July, will only consist of seven episodes. The other two seasons will have six episodes. While this is not nearly enough to satisfy our thirst for blood and boobs, it will have to make do. So why should we still be excited for Game of Thrones season 7? Isn’t it all same old now? How many different kinds of boob are there really? Let’s take a look.

1. Winter has finally comeWhy we're excited for Game of Thrones Season 7

Ever since episode one, we’ve been told Winter is coming. We’ve witnessed several seasons pass by, quite a bit of snow, but still Winter had not come. I started to believe the Starks just made this fancy catchphrase up to make sure they’d be turned into a meme. Not like they’ve got anything else going for them, I mean, come on. However, in the last season, Sansa finally said that Winter was here. It had been snowing before that, which I consider to be quite Winterish weather, but what do I know. Basically, Winter means shit is going to go down. It was about time that happened.

2. The White Walkers are here too

We’ve spent countless of hours watching all these people struggle to get on that Iron Throne. While my bae Jon Snow kept telling everyone that the White Walkers were real and that it was a problem, nobody listened. This definitely contributed to Jon feeling rather emotional all the time. But now there is no denying that that wall is going to be brought down. Because not a single wall can keep these frozen zombies out of your country. Just a heads up, Trump. Basically, the only way of survival is Jon being a bad ass and Daenerys coming over to kick some ass too. Cersei won’t be helpful. But then again, has she ever helped any situation except for making it worse?

3. Daenerys is finally in Westeros

Unless her fleet got lost at sea, we can expect the Mother of Dragons to finally set foot in Westeros. It was about time she came over as all she’s been doing is sitting on a throne and looking at Dario’s penis all day. That won’t be helpful in making you a queen. Although I don’t say she’s wrong for doing so. Anyway, she ditched Dario and is now on her way to Westeros to get down and dirty. I am especially looking forward to a bitch fight between Dany and Cersei. I hope it will end with Dany setting Cersei on fire and just getting it over with.

4. More wisdom from TyrionWhy we're excited for Game of Thrones Season 7

Let’s all agree there is no better character than Tyrion. Everybody else is getting their hands dirty and Tyrion just makes up the best quotes ever. He is especially great while paired up with Daenerys and I think they should confront Cersei together. And Tyrion should totally tell Dany to burn that bitch. Is it obvious I am not a Cersei fan? Although I think I would miss her when she’s gone. But as Tyrion would say, we’d just get more wine.

5. More male nudity

You guys have had all the good stuff already. We just had an old man show off his penis during Cersei’s shaming scene. While I respect the old man and his dong, I think I speak for most of us girls and gays that we want to see some male nudity too. If we’re going to be objectifying women, we might as well throw a man in the mix.

6. More action

The past few seasons have had great moments, but mostly it’s been a lot of talking. I felt like many episodes contained nothing that really moved the plot forward. I don’t watch Game of Thrones for the talking (mostly), I want to be shocked and I want to have to hold my breath. Hopefully the final seasons will bring us the good stuff.

Are you excited for the upcoming seasons? Or are you still crying over the fact that the end is near? Let us know!



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