Crimes of Grindelwald

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald announcement reaction

Unless you had a social media free day yesterday, any self-respecting Potterhead could not have missed the news. The new Fantastic Beasts film has a name. Next year, we can all flock to the cinemas to watch The Crimes of Grindelwald. Not a very imaginative name to be honest. But what exactly are the crimes of Grindelwald? And what can we expect of this new flick?

Cast Photo

Warner Bros released the very first cast photo which gives us a closer look at the characters.

Luckily we get to welcome Newt and his gang back to the big screens. Furthermore, Johnny Depp is reprising his role as Grindelwald, despite the fact that there were rumours that he would be replaced. Credence will return along with a new girlfriend named Maledictus he picked up along the way, who apparently suffers from a curse that will eventually turn her into a beast. Detta Lestrange is in the house, and she ditched Newt for his older brother. A brand new addition is Jude Law as Dumbledore. In all fairness, he does look like a younger version of the Dumbledore we know, so that is exciting. But the main reason we are all going to run to the cinema is Eddie Redmayne and his adorable portrayal of Newt.

The Crimes of Grindelwald

The title does not leave much to the imagination. We are most likely going to see how Grindelwald is basically being bad. According to the information that has leaked about the plot, Grindelwald escaped custody and is trying to gain followers everywhere he goes. Dumbledore has asked Newt for help, so that will be a thing too. Apart from that, nothing is known about the actual crimes of Gellert. We wish he’d go for a big heist, wizard style. Or perhaps he is going to sell more than 50 balloons an hour, which is a crime in Virginia apparently.

We over at the Sassologist are curious what the film will be about, although slightly disappointed that they did not come up with a more inventive name. In all fairness, they should have just gone with the Fast and the Furious style of film titles:

What do you think of the new title? Are you excited for the next instalment in the series? Let us know!



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