10 Cloverfield Lane

Film Review: 10 Cloverfield Lane

After my previous column about Get Out, the time is ripe for another horror/thriller movie: 10 Cloverfield Lane.

Although it can be seen as a spiritual successor to the monster movie Cloverfield, this movie has great standalone power. I like my horror movies to be more thriller/suspense than gore/splatter. I only recently got to see this movie, even though it was released last year. Better late than never, good movies have no expiration date.

Cloverfield connection

The original story was named the Cellar and had nothing to do with Cloverfield, until J.J. Abrams’s Bad Robot took over production. During filming the production team noticed core similarities to the Cloverfield movie. According to Abrams, a lot of elements like the spirit, the genre and the heart of the movie, combined with some other factors, finally cemented the idea of a spiritual successor. This movie is set in the Cloverfield universe, with the movie God Particle (the debut of Dan Trachtenberg) set to become the third part in the series.

A Goodman can be a bad man?

Unlike Cloverfield, which was shot as a ‘found footage’ movie, this film has a third person narrative. There are 3 actors in this movie, Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Michelle, John Gallagher Jr as Emmett DeWitt, and John Goodman as Howard Stambler. The latter making this movie even better.

The premise of the movie is actually very simple. After a car crash a woman finds herself chained and locked up in some kind of underground prison. Howard takes care of her, he tells her the world has gone to pieces. There is nothing left and the world has become uninhabitable.

She meets the other the inhabitant, Emmett, and the three of them start to form a small family . You, as a viewer, get to see the activities they undertake locked up together under the ground. On the background there is always a looming feeling, “what is real and what is not?” I like to keep things spoilerfree, but trust me when I say things get intense and you don’t know who to trust.

10 Cloverfield Lane: conclusion

The movie has found a great way being something between a character study and a horror with a great load of suspense. When I watched it, I sat on the edge of the seat. It sucked me in and I enjoyed it immensely. If I had to point out at least one negative, it would be that I should have watched it a lot sooner.

Watch this movie if you like cramped quarters, eerie atmosphere and great acting. John Goodman is always the man for me! So close your curtains and take a trip to 10 Cloverfield Lane.



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