Film Review: Beauty and the Beast

Film Review: Beauty and the Beast

I finally saw Beauty and the Beast last weekend. If you’ve followed this site for a while, you know that this was a film I was very much looking forward to see. It only came out here on the 29th of March. It took another week for me to see it. Spoiler: I loved it. So I guess this is not going to be much of a review. Perhaps this is more me defending the movie. That’s right, there are people who bashed the movie. While they are entitled to their opinion, here’s why I think it is great.

Yes, we know about the Stockholm Syndrome

Even before the movie was released, many were against it. After all, it’s about a guy who holds a girl captive and they fall in love. Definitely a case of Stockholm Syndrome. I wrote about that before. Obviously this whole thing will have a bad effect on children. Little girls will believe that it’s okay if a guy locks you up as long as you get a library, amirite? First of all, I watched the animated version when I was a little kid. It never distorted the way I view relationships. Most little girls won’t even notice this underlying agenda. They just see a smart girl who falls in love with someone because of who he turns out to be inside. If a child does have warped ideas about relationships, you might want to check the real life relationships he or she gets exposed to.

It’s the original Beauty and the Beast, but better

Seriously. While the movie is mostly an exact re-make of the animated version, it basically fills the plot holes the original left open. Such as, why the hell did the prince open the door himself? He had a gazillion servants. Cinema Sins summarised them all nicely:

With a single line, they also managed to explain why nobody cared about the prince and his servants after they fell victim to the curse. I mean, no offense, but if I knew a prince lived there and suddenly nobody ever see him again, I’d be curious.

It is visually stunning

Some argue that Beauty and the Beast is boring, but I have not been bored for a single moment. There is so much to see and experience. My friend had already seen it and noticed many different things the second time around. It is a very overwhelming movie with a lot going on. One of the biggest complaint people had was that the CGI on the beast wasn’t that good. While I agree that it wasn’t perfect, I was still impressed with the amount of detail. I also thought the servants looked perfect. Initially I was worried as to how they would bring a character like Mrs. Potts to life, but it worked out well. It’s clear that Disney has put in a tremendous amount of detail to make it all work.

The Cast is great

Emma Watson is the perfect Belle. I’ve always thought so and after seeing the movie, I had to once again agree with myself. Hate when that happens. Dan Stevens is great as the beast, but I was a bit sad when he turned into the prince. I think the actor who really stole the whole show was Luke Evans as Gaston. He has a fantastic comedic timing. Also, he managed to make me love Gaston as much as I loathe him. And that people, is what great acting is about.

I also loved the dynamics between Cogsworth (Ian McKellen) and Lumiere (Ewan McGregor). Especially the latter was done very well. They could not have made better casting choices.


Could nostalgia be the reason why I love this movie so much? Probably. But I genuinely thought it was great and I know that if you are a Disney fan, you will love this too. It’s the tale as old as time after all. Watch it and judge for yourself.



Article written by Ingrid

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