The Belko Experiment

Film Review: The Belko Experiment

I like mind game movies with a thriller/horror twist. I like those movies even more if they have a touch of ‘crazy’. Think films like House of 9, Circle (not The Circle, that’s a totally different film), Cube or Devil. Or if you don’t know those, think of the better known films like Identity, Saw or Split. The Belko Experiment can easily be added to those lists. It’s a beautiful crazy mindfuck that will make you go ‘what did I just see’ at the end of it. Check out these cool filmposters:

The Belko Experiment The Belko ExperimentThe Belko Experiment

The Belko Experiment: Plot

Without giving too much away ofcourse, since these are the kind of movies you should know almost nothing about when you go see them. So let’s go with a short synopsis and things that you can see in the trailer. Belko is a great multinational company, with offices around the world. The film takes place at the Belko facility in Colombia. About 80 people are at work on this day. Out of nowhere, the entire building goes into lockup, and some employees spot heavily armed soldiers outside. Then, a voice comes out of the intercom stating that the employees should start killing each other, or the people behind the scenes will kill even more people. As you can imagine, all hell breaks loose at that moment. Not your typical workday!

Can you imagine something like that happening at your place of work? At first, you would most definitely laugh it off. It’s probably just the office joker, or the boss playing some sick joke. That is, until your coworkers start dying. This is serious! It’s kill or be killed. The employees in The Belko Experiment end up in two groups: those that can’t believe what is happening and those who want to kill. That’s about all you should know before seeing this psychological film. Just know that if you’ve seen it, you will never look at your co-workers the same.

James Gunn

The Belko Experiment is written by James Gunn, he of Guardians of the Galaxy fame. Don’t expect big fantasy, space opera shenanigans though. This is more like his Dawn of the Dead and even more like his Slither.  Gunn wrote the film in 2010 but backed out of it:

I just wanted to be around my friends and family. I didn’t want to go shoot this thing that was about people who loved and cared about each other being forced into killing each other. It just didn’t seem to be the way I wanted to spend the next few months of my life.

The film was picked up again in 2015 (maybe because of the fame Gunn had gathered) and Gunn was happy to see it made. Even though he didn’t direct The Belko Experiment, a lot of his recurring actors do star in this film: Michael Rooker, Gregg Henry and Sean Gunn (his brother). Director Greg McLean did a fine job with Gunn’s script and made it into a fun film, for so far violent films about killing each other can be fun.

The Belko Experiment: Conclusion

If you’re looking for a crazy film just like the ones already named at the beginning, The Belko Experiment is the film to see for you. It’s original, has a very high pace and just enough crazy to still be ‘believable’. It is pretty violent though, so if that’s not your thing, go ahead and skip Belko. When in doubt, check out the trailer and make up your mind. I suggest you go see it.




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