It Comes At Night review

Film Review: It Comes At Night

I’d been looking forward to seeing It Comes At Night for a while now. Today I went to see it with my partner in crime. We also saw Don’t Breathe and 10 Cloverfield Lane together. I can’t really go in depth about the story of this movie without spoiling a lot; so this is more of a reflection. Painting with fresh impressions and a tickled interest.

It Comes At Night: Expectation vs Reality

Going in with little pre knowledge, I was expecting a certain type of movie because of the trailer. The contrast between the trailer and the movie is sharp though. The trailer makes It Comes at Night out to be more of an action type movie with a lot of horror. The movie itself is actually more of a psychological thriller/horror. This caused a rift between the people who saw it and gave it poor word of mouth and Rotten Tomatoes where it has an approval rating of 87 procent.

The trailer did the movie a grave disservice.

Short Synopsis and My Two Cents

It comes at NightAs always, a short synopsis that is low on spoilers. It Comes at Night opens with a family living out in the woods in their closed off home. From what you, as a viewer, can gather from the first minutes, there has been an outbreak of a highly contagious and deadly disease and nothing more is known. You follow this family of father Paul (Joel Edgerton), mother Sarah (Carmen Ejogo) and son Travis (Kelvin Harrison Jr). The movie has a fantastic slow burn approach of pacing. What I loved even more is that as a viewer you are not being spoonfed the information. The movie makes you think and it builds a great world outside of the house where most of the actual events take place. This gave me the same eerie feeling 10 Cloverfield Lane provided. It puts you right in the middle and even though it’s unpleasant, you want to be there and see what happens.

To summarize, the narrative is excellent and because it is a psychological horror, the pacing will (and should) be slow but rewarding. Tension slowly builds and you start to wonder more and more.

Go see this movie and be sure to lock the door when you get home, you never know what comes at night.



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