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Film Review: Don’t Breathe

In preparation for the release of It Comes at Night, I made a decision to watch the newer horrors that make up the modern day revival. The Witch, It follows, Don’t Breathe are the ones on my list. So last Thursday I sat down with a friend and we watched Don’t Breathe.

Don’t Breathe: the Creators

The brains behind this movie are the same ones behind the modern day Evil Dead remake. Fede Alvarez directed both Evil dead and Don’t Breathe and Sam Raimi produced both movies. Sam Raimi is well know for the original Evil Dead Trilogy, the Hercules and Xena series and the Spiderman trilogy. There is some horror pedigree behind this movie and where Evil Dead is more gore oriented, Don’t Breathe is more suspense and thriller.

Detroit ghost city

The three main characters in Don’t Breathe are: Alex, played by Dylan Minnette (known now for 13 Reasons Why); Rocky, played by Jane Levy (who also starred in the Evil Dead) and Money, played by Daniel Zovatto. The plot is fairly simple: three friends break into houses in Detroit. The dad of Alex has a security company and that’s how they are able to break in. They use his skeleton keys and later sell off what they steal.

Because the break ins aren’t bringing in enough money, they go after a tip Money got. Apparently a retired blind US army veteran lives in an abandoned neighbourhood of Detroit. After a tragedy he got a sum of money as settlement and this makes him their next target. Stephen Lang plays the veteran, simply named The Blind Man. The three friends get trapped into the house and the tables turn on them, as it turns out the Blind Man is not just any simple old fool that they can steal from. The rest you have to see for yourself.

Although the three “protaganists” aren’t the most likeable persons, I did start to feel for them. The house becomes a roller coaster of twists and turns that left me drenched in sweat. The movie does a great job of keeping you guessing as viewer what will happen next and as soon as you think you got it all figured out, it quickly shows you were wrong. The acting is decent, but Stephen Lang is the real stand out here. Menacing and silent, he becomes an ever present threat in his own house, poised to get the intruders.

Don’t Breathe is a great horror/thriller where once again the deadliest creature is man itself. Lock yourself in, draw the curtains and watch this movie and don’t forget to breathe!



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