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Film Review: Geostorm

Whenever I go see a new film, I always check out to see the reviews a film received. Sometimes I agree with the reviews. Sometimes a film received great reviews, yet I disagreed. But there are also times when a film receives awful reviews while I didn’t think it was that bad. Such is the case for Geostorm, a film which has been universally panned by critics. I was aware of the bad reviews, yet I went into it with an open mind, although a part of me expected the worst. Spoiler: It was not as mind-numbing as critics claim it is.

What is Geostorm about?

The film revolves around Jake Lawson (Gerard Butler), a genius who invented a satallite system called Dutch Boy. This system enables world leaders to keep the climate in check, preventing natural disasters. But when some cities around the world are hit by inexplicable natural disasters, it soon becomes clear Dutch Boy is used as a weapon. Jake is sent back into space to find out what is wrong. He has to fix Dutch Boy before the world is hit by a so-called Geostorm, which will destruct the entire planet.

Not close to perfect

Geostorm is a film with many flaws. That is one thing the critics and audience can agree on. But while the critics make it appear as if this is the worst thing in cinematic history, I strongly disagree. I mean, I sat through the latest Transformers flick. That was truly a drag.

Geostorm has an awfully predictable plot. Whenever you see a countdown in a film, you know it will always count until the very last second in order to keep the tension alive. Add in the mandatory family drama and at times awkward dialogue, and you know the film won’t win an Academy Award any time soon.

The main problem with Geostorm is that there is not enough storm going on. The time the storm is actually raging is relatively short. And yes, perhaps it would have been more convincing had it been less of a CGI-fest. Either way, the film looks good regardless. While it is nothing revolutionary, it is enjoyable enough.

What the film does well

One of the things the film has going for it is that predictable plot. You know exactly what you’re going to get, so buckle up and just go for the ride. At the same time, the plot moves fast. No endless lingering on explaining the story. There is not that much to explain. The problem is clear and it needs to be solved. The fact that (spoiler) all it takes to fix it is a reboot makes it more convenient. After all, 90% of issues I have with my technology requires a simple reboot. Or a hit against the wall.

While the film aims to be a warning, it is much too entertaining to serve that purpose. At times it takes itself too seriously, but there are enough funnier moments (intentional or not) that lighten the mood. Besides, is it really such a punishment to look at Gerard Butler for 2 hours? I think not.


Geostorm is your average disaster film and not even the worst one at that. While it is not revolutionary, you get what you paid for. It uses all the standard ingredients which makes a disaster film what it is, and nothing more or less should be expected of it. While this is certainly not the best film in existence, it is not the disaster of a film many critics may have led you to believe.



Article written by Ingrid

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