Jigsaw 2017 Film Review

Film Review: Jigsaw

To finish the spooky month of October in style, I decided I wanted to see a movie in the cinema. My friend and I decided on Jigsaw, because well, there wasn’t that much choice. I have seen some of the other horror movies this year with her, so I know we would have fun. I might do a review of the complete Saw series in the future, but in this review I will focus on Jigsaw.

Piecing it together

The franchise ended with Saw3D. It should’ve been a 2 parter but because Saw VI underperformed the decision was made to make one last movie: Saw 3D. Afterwards the franchise was shelved. Jigsaw was conceived when writers Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger, who had spent two years pursuing the opportunity to write a Saw entry, proposed their vision. Lionsgate resurrected the series and now we have Jigsaw.

The complete picture

After a decade of the death of the Jigsaw killer the police investigate some murders fitting the modus operandi of the Jigsaw killer. The movie opens with 5 prisoners getting set up for the game by Jigsaw. Inbetween detective Halloran and his partner Hunt try to find out what’s happening. The forensic pathologists Logan and Eleanor help them out, by providing them clues. The mix of the tension of the people trying to escape and the police trying to uncover what’s happening might not be new but it adds some zest to the concept. Suspicions arise on all the 4 main characters and the movie ends with an interesting concept. The gore is still there, the traps are still deadly and Jigsaw is as charasmatic as a serial killer can be.

Jigsaw: Conclusion

I found the movie entertaining. I thought the suspense and the mystery part were it’s strong points. The gore wasn’t as bloody as it used to be, which for me is a good thing. Opposite to that, the story wasn’t fresh, none of the characters are that likeable and it’s yet another Saw sequel. The ending makes me curious where they are taking the franchise after this, if there will be movies after this one.  For me it was a solid watch, it’s only 90 minutes. I recommend watching in cinemas for the fans, for the rest, dvd/bluray or Netflix is fine enough.

So that was my 31st horror movie in October. I had fun watching it in the cinemas, it was harder this year to complete my challenge but I’m glad I did it again. It was a nice finish to a spooky month.



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