Film Review: Mission: Impossible Fallout

Film Review: Mission: Impossible Fallout

There is a lot of mystery surrounding Tom Cruise. Regardless of that, he is still one of the best actors alive today, especially in action films. While not every film he does is great (I mean, let’s all forget about that Mummy remake), the Mission: Impossible franchise is solid and entertaining. The latest installment, Mission: Impossible Fallout Ethan Hunt (Cruise) and his team have to protect the world against a nuclear threat. The film has received raving reviews from critics so far. But is it really that good?

What is it about?

Ethan Hunt and his IMF team are back in action, after discovering the Apostles under command of Solomon Lane, are planning a terrorist attack on prominent religious places. When the first part of the mission fails, after Ethan had to make a choice between life or death, he is taken to Paris to make things right. Old allies and new enemies show up and Ethan has to prove whose side he is really on.

While I know this is rather vague, it is best to let the film surprise you. There are so many twists and turns that it would be a shame to write down any major spoilers. Some of the plot twists were quite obvious while others were actually surprising. The film is a thrill from the first second to the very last. It is an impossible mission to get boring during this film, as so much is happening and so much is at stake.

Lots of action and enough story

Let’s face it, the most important reason why we watch the MI films is that of the action scenes. The film does not disappoint in this respect. Once again, we see Cruise jumping out of airplanes, buildings helicopters, you name it. One of the most exciting scenes in the film is an elaborate car chase through the streets of Paris. Not to forget the epic brawl in the men’s room. In any case, the violence and stunts are plenty and boy are they enjoyable. I found myself on the edge of my seat throughout the entire film. I held my breath a lot too. While this film is definitely not good for your stress levels, it is very enjoyable.

The thing that sets Mission: Impossible Fallout apart from other films in its genre, is that there is just enough story to balance the action. While the stunts Cruise and team performs are outstanding and impressive, it’s not necessarily what makes this film a good one. The writing is good enough that the story is surprising and it demands your attention at all times. While things may seem to go a certain way at one point, it may change the next second. There is plenty of betrayal and power games at play. But that is not the only thing that sets this film apart. The scenes depicting Hunt’s private life may not be plenty, but they are strong. One of the characters asks why he keeps accepting those missions. Simple. To save people. If he’s not there, he will always wonder if he could have saved them had he been there.

Comic relief

The most beautiful moments happen near the end of the film. There are intense bonding scenes at the most crucial of times. Not only Hunt, but also his team have to make choices which could mean the difference between life or death. While the writing of the film is a great factor in making these moments powerful, it’s the cast that really make these moments come alive. Cruise remains one of the best action stars alive, but he is not alone. Rebecca Ferguson kicks ass as Ilsa, especially considering she was pregnant during the shooting of this film. Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames are great as Hunt’s team and provide the comic relief. Henry Cavill does a great job as the shady agent Walker and while her role is small, I was impressed by Vanessa Kirby who portrayed the White Widow.


Mission: Impossible Fallout may be the best action blockbuster this Summer has to offer. The film is witty, well-written and boasts an excellent cast who handle both the action scenes and emotional scenes very well. If you are going to see one blockbuster film this year, this is the one that should be high on your list.



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