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Film Review: The Mummy (2017)

Back in 1999, a 7-year old me was put in front of a television to watch a film together with my parents. This was never a particularly good idea, as I had been traumatised before by the likes of IT and Chucky. That time, they showed me the Mummy. I was more fascinated by this film than traumatised (unless you count the creepy beasts crawling under people’s skin). The CGI effects were not spectacular, but we did not know any better. To me the original Mummy was an adventure that had me on the edge of my seat. I have not seen the film in years, but hey, I will always be fond of those childhood memories.

For some mysterious reason, someone at Universal thought it would be an excellent idea to remake the Mummy. They also thought it was an amazing idea to cast Tom Cruise as the lead. The film has been panned by critics, but is it really that bad? I went to see it so I could believe it.

Dark Universe

The Mummy is supposed to be the start of a whole new franchise. Universal is desperate to create their own cinematic universe, which they have already dubbed the ‘Dark Universe’. Considering they want to introduce many more monster films, The Mummy was supposed to be start of it all. I suppose Universal had high hopes for this film. The thing is, I guess most people are tired of reboots. The original had its flaws but it is still very loved by the people who watched it back then. At the same time, younger audiences do not care about the Mummy. They care about superheroes, but they have no relation to the Mummy or anything that has to do with it. Apart from that, Tom Cruise is not exactly an actor who can still sell films to this younger audience. So basically this film had to be sold on trailers alone.

Is The Mummy any good?

Let’s first talk about the good things. The CGI in this film is amazing. The creators have done a really amazing job at making this film visually stunning. I think they especially did a great job on the Mummy, an Egyptian princess called Ahmanet. She looks gorgeous and deadly at the same time. And kind of dead too. But that’s what happens when you revive a mummy. Anyway, there is nothing bad to be said about the way this film looks. However, good CGI is not going to save you when the rest does not live up to expectations.

The Mummy is an okay film. It is entertaining, but it misses the charm that the original flick had. The film essentially follows a similar plot as did the original, but there are just so many elements missing that it is not as good as it could be. That has a variety of reasons. While Tom Cruise tries his best and is having a lot of fun, I think if the studios wanted to make this film succeed, they should have chosen a lead that could draw audiences to the cinema. Tom Cruise no longer has that ability.

Furthermore, the female lead is bland and boring. She relies on Tom’s character to save her at all times. I get it, you are scared, but at least stop being a nuisance then and get the hell out. Another thing I did not understand was the waste of Russell Crowe. Crowe portrays Dr. Jekyll and Hide, undoubtedly another one of Universal’s Dark Universe Monsters. However, it just felt very out of place in this film.

Should you watch it?

The Mummy tries so hard to be an introduction to this Dark World universe, that it forgets a crucial thing. Even introductions need a good storyline. It does not matter that you have many cool things planned in the future if you do not live up to the expectations now. In fact, if they had made sure that this film was actually good instead of average, it would have been a much better introduction.

This film doesn’t even bother to have a satisfying ending, instead opting to just force the Dark Universe down our throats. I’m sure it will make Universal enough money to continue with the sequels. Is it worth watching? Meh. It is entertaining. It has some good parts and it has some meh parts. There are plenty of bad parts too. I heard Wonder Woman (not out here yet) is better, so perhaps that is more worthy of your investment.



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