Film Review: Power Rangers

Film Review: Power Rangers

When I was a little girl, I adored the Power Rangers. Every Sunday morning my brother and I would sit in front of the television and got ready for some morphin’ time. We then went outside to play with our friends, and whenever we played Power Rangers, I was always the pink one. I had a massive crush on the Red Ranger though. I always wanted to be him, but I was a go so pink it was.

Initially I was not too thrilled when I heard there would be a reboot of the franchise. Despite its many flaws, the original series was legendary. Fine, if you show it to kids these days, they will laugh at the CGI. But there was nothing I wanted more than being a Ranger. Well, maybe I wanted to be a Pokémon Trainer more. But I digress.

Same story, same characters

The story is very similar to the story of the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Just like in the original story, it takes place in Angel Grove, California. And just like in the original, it is Rita Repulsa who returns to Earth in order to destroy all life. Five teenagers happen to be at a mine when one of them, Billy, discovers strange coins. Security comes and the teens escape in a van, which eventually gets hit by a train. They all survive and discover that overnight they have become incredibly strong. The teens return to the mine and discover a space ship where they are told they are the Power Rangers. They have the task to protect life and defeat Rita Repulsa, who is becoming stronger. They set out on a journey to train and become real Rangers by morphing into their armour.

The characters are basically all the same as in the original series. Jason is the Red Ranger and the leader. Kimberly the pink ranger and the popular, yet complicated girl. Trini is the yellow ranger and has a lot of issues at home. In the original series, Trini was always an Asian girl. Not in the film. Zack, the black ranger is now Asian. He used to always be played by a black actor, but now Billy, the nerd and blue ranger, is black. I’m pretty sure the only reason they made the change is for a certain joke to work (Zack: “I’m black!” Billy: “No, you’re not!”).

Is it any good?

If you look at it from a critic’s perspective, the film has a lot of flaws. But we’re not looking at it that way. We’re pop culture fans and that’s how we judge movies. From a fan’s perspective, the movie is enjoyable to watch. It is clearly a set-up for a franchise, and therefore it lacks a lot of action. That is a downside, but when the action does go down, it provides massive throwbacks to the good old days. They even used the original theme song (GO GO POWER RANGERS!), which made all of our hearts go wild.

There are two characters who stood out for me. Billy was probably the most endearing ranger with the best moments and jokes. I found it hard to warm up to the other four and didn’t really care about them. Another great character is the always-amazing Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa. She really does crazy well and we already knew she can rock these fancy outfits like there is no tomorrow. I enjoyed every scene she was in, which is a good thing of course.

A large portion of the movie is basically building up the story towards the climax and possible sequels. The downside of this is that the story of this instalment doesn’t really serve the movie as a whole. But once the action happens, all of that is forgotten and our fanboy/girl hearts beat with pleasure. As there are gory moments, I wouldn’t say it is suitable to take your kids along on the ride, but it is excellent if you want to relive your childhood. And ultimately, this is a movie for the fans and not the critics.

If you loved the Power Rangers, then it’s definitely worth going out to see it for some Morphin’ time!



Article written by Ingrid

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