First Good Omens Teaser Trailer

First Good Omens Teaser Trailer

As you may or may not know, we are all huge Neil Gaiman fans over at The Sassologist. Good Omens, the novel he wrote with Terry Pratchett, is quite possibly one of his best. The story is about the end of times. Everybody is preparing for it. Until they all find out the AntiChrist has been, well, misplaced at birth. The book was released in 1990 and has remained a fan favourite over the years. Amazon Prime has translated the book to the small screen. In a 6-episode series, the story of the AntiChrist is told.  Neil Gaiman was very much involved with the series, so it will probably stay as true to the original as possible. And now, after New York Comic Con, the first Good Omens teaser trailer is online. Here’s the first look at Good Omens:

The Trailer

Isn’t the Good Omens teaser exciting? I had no doubt about the casting of the lead roles before, but I trust the decision even more now. David Tennant and Michael Sheen play the demon Crowley and the angel Aziraphale, who are so used to their lives on Earth that they want to stop the apocalypse from happening. This is going to be a crazy ride, that much is clear. This is the short IMDb synopsis:

A tale of the bungling of Armageddon features an angel, a demon, an 11-year-old Antichrist and a doom-saying witch.

Official Poster

Apart from the trailer, the first official Good Omens poster is also out in the world. The poster features Aziraphale and Crowley. The artwork looks stunning as well.

First Good Omens Teaser Trailer

We are so excited for this series! Have you read the book? Are you excited to watch Good Omens? Let us know how you feel about the novel and the upcoming TV-series in the comments!



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