Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4 recap (Spoilers!)

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4 recap (Spoilers!)

I hear you ask, Ingrid, can you only write about Game of Thrones now? I hear what you are saying but at the moment I am very busy with work work work work work. You should read that in Rihanna’s voice. Also, I am working on my second draft, which is not finished, but getting there. So yes, I will post more again soon but for today, you will have to make do with my Game of Thrones observations. And what an episode it was, am I right? Of course, I am!


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Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4 recap (Spoilers!)

The episode starts with all kinds of feels as Sansa finally arrives at Castle Black and Jon and Sansa hug like basically their entire family is dead and they haven’t seen each other in 5 seasons. Oh wait…

They discuss what an awful person Sansa used to be and I agree, she was a little bitch in the first two seasons, but yay for character development and Sansa turning into a badass bitch! Jon wants to take it slow and take a siesta after being betrayed and murdered, which is totally understandable, but Sansa is like “naw bruh, we gotta go to Winterfell and put a sword through Ramsay Bolton,” which I totally agree with. If they don’t do it, I will go down there and do it myself. It’s about time. Geez.

Meanwhile, Ser Badassos and Melisandre WeforgiveyoucauseyoubroughtJonback the Red woman, have a little talk about Stannis and what shit went down there. Ser Badassos wants to know what happened to Shireen, and Melisandre is all Oh shit until Brienne comes and reminds Melisandre that she was in Renly’s Kingsguard and saw him get murdered by a fucking demon shadow baby. Melisandre is all oh hell naw, I need to get out of here and luckily this awkward scene ends. Points to Boss Brienne.

The man with the little finger

Then LittleFinger finally returns as does that annoying little shit Robin. He has grown up a lot since we last saw him, especially his nose. But it is mean to comment on that cause the poor boy can’t help that. He just annoys me, okay? LittleFinger is all “Here a falcon,” and Ser Whatshisface demands to know what happened to Sansa. LittleFinger plays it nice via the little shit who suggests they throw him through the moon door. This does not happen and I have to restrain myself to punch the kid in the face. I’d rather chill with Ramsay than with that dude. Seriously.

Anyway, back to King’s Landing where Margaery finally gets some screen time. She has a boring talk with the High Sparrow and nobody cares about this. Marge is cool and all, but if they really want to throw someone through that moon door, it is that High Sparrow dude. It is getting tedious to listen to that guy talk. Anyway, Marge gets to chill with Loras who is not as cool as he used to be. Wuss face has only been in a cell for ages. Get over it.

Tommen tells his mom that Marge is going to do the whole walking nude thing and Cersei sees this as an opportunity to conspire with Olenna Tyrell and her uncle Kevan to bring down that boring Sparrow. This will all go right as planned, I am sure.

Tyrion is doing political things. People don’t agree with him. What else is new. Moving on.

In Winterfell, Osha and Ramsay have a nice get-together. Osha is playing it cool and even tries to seduce Ramsay with the intention of running a knife through his face, but he runs a knife in her neck. Jesus Christ, why does nobody just murder this dude in his sleep? This is so frustrating. Or just give him a piece of pie. If it kills Joffrey, it should kill Ramsay. Note to self: Never name your child with a name ending on -y. Bad things will happen.

Shipping Tormund and Brienne

There’s dinner at Castle Black. Ginger Wildling is flirting with Boss Brienne. She is no into him. Then this letter arrives and it’s from that asshole Ramsay who is just threatening my bae Jon and Sansa and Rickon but who really cares about Rickon? Anyway, Sansa talks sense into Jon and I hope they are going down there to run that sword through Ramsay’s face cause it is about goddamn time that happened.

And then the bad-ass moment of this episode. While Jorah and Daario are trying to win the battle of “Who is the best fit for Daenerys”. They then get caught in their quest to find and save Dany, so they have to kill some Dorthraki dudes. They do find Dany and she is all “Bitches, please, you have not thought this one through. I have so follow my lead.” She walks into the meeting with Khal Moro and his bros and is all confident and taunts them. As is to be expected, they do not take it well. Tsk, men.

Dany says she is a better leader and they are like “Omg you are so not! Watchagondo, we won’t serve you!” And she just smiles and says they are going to die. She then proceeds to burn the motherfucking house down. All those whiny men die and she walks out of the burning temple as all Dorthraki gather. She is naked, she is fierce and everybody bows down. Queen Daenerys the badass unburnt is back!

Who cares that G.R.R Martin said her fire resistance was a one-off thing?  Deal with it.


Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4 recap (Spoilers!)



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