GoT Season 7 Episode 3 Recap: Targaryen Trouble Olenna Tyrell

GoT Season 7 Episode 3 Recap: Targaryen Trouble

Hi there! It’s your friendly neighbourhood Nora, taking over recapping Game of Thrones from Ingrid this week. And boy, did I pick a week to do this. So much Targaryen drama, action, fighting, talking, and plotting, and that ending… But, before we get started, let me first direct you to our recaps for episode 1 and episode 2. And, ofcourse, the obligatory spoiler warning. Beware!


It’s not a good time to support a Targaryen

Last week, we lost the fleet sailing to King’s Landing, with Yara and Theon on board. Together with a lot of rebel Greyjoy’s, we lost two Sand Snakes. Now, we get to see where Euron takes Yara, Ellaria and the last Sand Snake. I know she has a name, but I can never remember any of the snakes’ names, sorry girls. Of course, Ellaria and Snake Girl are the gifts to Cersei.

And can I just say that Euron is such a fun new character. Yeah, he is a terrible man who deserves to die on this show (and he probably will) but damn, what a crazy ass dude. We needed a character like this with everyone just brooding and being serious all the time. He leaves with a promise from Cersei and his niece still his prisoner.

In the dungeons, the Mad Queen takes her revenges pretty much as we all though she would: by poisoning Ellaria’s (now) only daughter. The poison might even take some days to do it’s work and Ellaria is forced to watch her girl die. Still, as they are both alive at the end of the episode, they might still play a role. I for one hope Ellaria get’s to live through this and have some revenge.

Euron Greyjoy, finger up the bum


The Targaryen cousins finally meet

Yes yes yesssssss. This was a moment all Game of Thrones (and A Song of Ice and Fire) fans have been waiting for for years. Two of the most important characters finally meet. They are (probably) the Ice and Fire from the bookseries title. And though they don’t know it themselves, they are cousins and the final Targaryens. So will they play a huge part in the future? Hells yeah!

That introduction cracked me up. Dany get’s an hours’ worth of titles and Davos is just like, ‘this is Jon, he’s cool. Please like him’. There was nothing to to love during these scenes. The chemistry Daenarys and Jon have. Jon and Tyrion reuniting and obviously having a bromance thing. Davos being the best wingman Jon could ask for. The speeches. And finally the realization that they probably need each other, a lot.

It’s sadly obvious that Jon will leave for Winterfell soon though, as he will get the dragonglass he needs. But please let these two meet up more and form an alliance and be best friends.

Jon and Daenarys Targaryen meet


Speaking of Winterfell…

Sansa is a badass leader who deserves to be Queen of the North when Jon takes the Iron Throne together with his cousin. Littlefinger is being a creepy dick as usual. And though it wasn’t the reunion we all hoped for (Arya returning home!), Bran was still a welcome surprise. Which leads me to…

…Bran is still an asshole

Despite now being the Three Eyed Raven and all. There was not even a glimmer of love in his eyes for his sister. And thanks, dickface, for reminding Sansa of one of the worst days and nights of her life. You suck, sir. But please hang around untill Jon get’s back so you can tell him he’s not a bastard but a Targaryen. If you don’t, Bran, I swear I will throw you out of another window. Did you know, by the way, that there’s a far fetched theory that Meera Reed is Jon’s twin sister? I don’t dig it but thought I would just throw it out here.

Also, there’s some Sam & Jorah and Theon

Sam goes on being the hero he is slowly becoming and HEALS Jorah from greyscale. Talking about a budding friendship, these two are adorable as they are both so socially awkward they are just perfect together. Ofcourse, they part ways as Sam must copy some more scrolls and books (think of the things he’ll learn!) and Jorah must return to his Targaryen Queen as the lovesick puppy that he is.

And there’s a short scene with Theon who’s rescued by, I guess, one of the few rebel Greyjoy ships that survived the battle. This is only to set things in motion for when later in this season, Theon will save his sister. Mark my words, he is not the traitor/coward that people think he is. He will have a role to play yet.

Seriously, it’s NOT a good time for Dany supporters

It all starts of pretty well with Grey Worm and his team taking over Casterly Rock pretty easily thanks to some whoring tunnels Tyrion built. But, dun dun duuuuun, this was all a set up. Nobody cares about Casterly Rock, not even the Lannisters. Remember how the Lannisters always pay their debts? And how they need a shitload of money? Also remember who has a shitload of money and gold? And are supporters of the Targaryens? Yeah. Time to say goodbye to the Tyrells…

Olenna Tyrell, I love you. You are the Sass Queen. You rock. You seriously were the best. And even when she was poisoned by Jaime (who scores 1 karma point for this, scratching that off to the -1284375 karma points he now has), she stayed regal. And OH SNAP, she even confesses to killing Joffrey. Hell yeah, what a way to go out for the grand old lady of Game of Thrones. Goodbye Olenna, you will be missed. A lot. RIP to the Tyrell family.

Olenna Tyrell death



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