Phantom of the Opera

Guilty Pleasure: The Phantom of the Opera (2004)

I am not really a musical kinda-girl. While I enjoy musicals, I never go see them. To be honest, I mostly prefer watching musical films, because not many musicals are shown close to where I live. That said, I do believe that my life would be so much better if it were a musical. There is nothing better than just singing your problems away. There are basically two musicals I know by heart. One, the Moulin Rouge. Two, the Phantom of the Opera. Let’s talk about the latter. I have never seen the musical live, although I would like to this year. I fell in love with it through the 2004 movie of the same name, starring Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum.

In sleep he sang to me…

The movie wasn’t a great success for a lot of reasons, which are unknown to me. I remember being home alone and the Phantom was aired on television. From the very first minute, I was captivated with the story. The grand sets and costumes caught my attention and oh my, did I fall in love with the Phantom. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that Gerard Butler plays the Phantom. Despite his deformity, he still looks very handsome. That was enough for teenage me to fall in love with. After that I collected every penny I had in order to buy the DVD and the Film’s Companion book. A friend from school also loved the musical and made me a cd with all the songs. I’d practise the songs in my room, pretending to be Christine, much to the dismay of my neighbours. I still find it hard to admit that I am not truly an opera singer.

The Point of No Return

It was definitely the point of no return for me, and I was blissfully unaware of the fact that the movie had such bad reviews. It’s Rotten Tomatoes score is a mere 32%. There is one critic who did make me laugh with this remark:

This guy’s not the Phantom of the Opera, he’s the Fashionably Scarred Stud of the Opera and that just doesn’t work.

Yes, perhaps Gerard is not as hideous as the Phantom has to be. Which does make it hard to believe that Christine wouldn’t pick him. I mean, he can kidnap me and take me to his lair any time. I’ll even sing for him if that is what he wants. However, the fact that the audience ratings says 84% enjoyed it, means that they do something right. An yes, Gerard Butler doesn’t have a fantastic opera singing voice. However, I feel like that does add to the story. His voice is more fragile and emotional. I mean, watch his rendition of the Music of the Night and tell me you did not instantly fall in love:

Oh Gerry…uh Phantom..

Watching the Phantom of the Opera again

Last week a friend from Ireland was here. She is as much of a Phantom fan as I am, so the choice to watch the movie was quickly made. It had been years since I last saw the movie. A part of me was worried that I would now see all the flaws. Luckily, that was not the case. The moment I heard the first notes of the famous soundtrack, I got chills all over my body again. Despite the fact that we couldn’t really sing along, that did not stop us. My love for the Phantom, especially the movie version, is still as deep. Who cares that critics did not enjoy it? I think it is truly fantastic.

This Summer we will be going to the musical in London and I seriously can’t wait. Naturally I will report about it.

The Phantom of the Opera is there….inside my mind…



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