Happy Birthday Predator!

Happy Birthday Predator!

12th of june 1987 Predator was released. I’m writing this piece to celebrate the 30th birthday of this cult classic. When I was a kid/teenager Arnold Schwarzenegger was my favourite actor. So I tried to watch all of his movies even if they were not age appropriate.

I remember standing in the video store, reading the description of this movie and I had to rent it. I was 12 and the suggested age on the box was 16, no problem as they didn’t really check it there. To this day I still like to watch this movie, I might even watch it tonight again!

Die Hard

John McTiernan directed this monster masterpiece, his later films included Die Hard and the Hunt for Red October. And now he is incarcerated for perjury. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays our main hero Major Dutch Schaefer. The movie is an adventure/sci-fi/horror movie.

An elite special forces team is sent in tot he jungle to rescue hostages from guerilla territory in Val Verde, South America. As soon as they arrive in the jungle, they find another helicopter who was sent earlier to deal with the situation. It’s now clear, they are there to retrieve infromation what happened tot he last crew. Cut in between the rescue mission are thermal images and repeated sentences from earlier conversation by an unknown bystander.

The army outfit soon finds out that they are being hunted by said invisible hunter and a game of Predator and prey starts. It all ends in an explosive climax where Arnold shows us that brains beat brawn.

Why is Predator a great movie?

First off it starts out as a dime a dozen action movie made in the 80’s. Then the twist of the predator comes in and the switch between action movie to sci-fi horror movie takes place. Second the cheezy acting and the banter between the soldiers, just like Aliens, this make them more real. And thirdly it gives us a great new monster

When it first came out it wasn’t well received, luckily nowadays the movie has gained more of a following and the Predator has become one of the best movie monsters.

There are some sequels, 2 direct ones: Predator 2 and Predators and ofcourse the 2 Alien vs Predators movies. All of them are not necessary to watch, although some of them give more background tot Predators, or the Yautja as they are really named. And it’s fun to watch Aliens fight Predators. Next to that there are some great comic book stories the predator, mainly the Predator vs Aliens comic book series wich all came way before the movies.

So here it is my small love letter tot his action packed monster movie with a great Arnold Schwarzenegger. If we only could get a decent sequel to continue the hunt.



Article written by Tom

Tom is a 38-year-old lover of everything from the big G himself, Godzilla, to Star Trek and from playing D&D to Overwatch. Codename: Dr.BadTaste, because of a love for everything Cult, weird and bad. He founded Camp Camp with friends to celebrate this and to celebrate Bad Taste! Powers: Geek of all trades, bad puns and a certain je ne sais quoi. Weaknesses: his partner, their cat named Monster and everything to do with Pugs.

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