Holy Crap you aren't ready for Avengers: Infinity War

Holy Crap you aren’t ready for Avengers: Infinity War

I just came back from the cinema to see one of the earliest possible screenings of Avengers: Infinity War. I choose an early screening because 1. This is the film I looked forward to for soooo long and 2. I didn’t want to be spoilered. And I advise you the same: see this as soon as possible to avoid spoilers. Because trust me when I say: this is one film you need to ‘experience.’ And the less you know, the better that experience will be. Also trust me when I say: no matter how prepared you are, you are not ready for this. Here’s my spoiler free review.

The premise

Thanos Avengers Infinity War

Thanos, that huge purple motherfucker, has a nifty gadget: the Infinity Gauntlet. In it are six slots for six Infinity Stones. With all of these combined in the gauntlet, Thanos will get almost unlimited powers and as a Big Bad, he has no small plans with those powers: he wants to wipe out half of… well, basically everything. So it’s up the the world’s and the galaxy’s mightiest heroes to stop this evil Titan.

And that’s all you should know actually. You can watch the trailers and tv-spots but they don’t give away anything really. Infinity War is such a surprise, you should let it wash over you. Each new scene is different and surprising and energetic. What I can tell you without giving too much away is that our heroes are basically grouped into four clusters of heroes, each in their own locations.

Infinity Stones Locations Help Guide

Before you go see Infinity War, here is a helpful, spoiler free guide to the locations of the six Infinity Stones prior to this film, to get you up to speed:

  • Time Stone – Remember that cool necklace of Doctor Strange? It’s in there
  • Space Stone – Currently in hands of Loki, in the form of the Tesseract
  • Mind Stone – It’s that nifty yellow glowing thing embedded in Vision’s forehead
  • Reality Stone – The Collector has the Reality Stone in his collection
  • Power Stone –  The Guardians of the Galaxy gave this to the Nova Corps
  • Soul Stone – Nobody knows. It’s not seen before in any Marvel film. It’s a big mystery!

So, it’s safe to say Vision and Doctor Strange are in a little bit of trouble, since they own the things Thanos desperately wants.

Thanos is a brilliant Marvel villain

Loki and the Dark Order Infinity War

Going into Infinity War, I thought Thanos was just a big stupid space bully. Getting out of Infinity War, I now know there’s much more to him. He has his reasons to get his gauntlet filled with precious stones. They aren’t very nice reasons, no, but to him, it all makes sense. It’s a bit much to say you’ll feel sympathy for the big purple dude but damn, he’s a fine written character. I reckon he’s one of the best Marvel villains in ten years of MCU history.

His minions though, they were the only setback for me in this otherwise brilliant film. This Black Order consists of four extremely powerful creatures with crazy names: Ebony Maw, Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glave and Black Dwarf. They were a setback because for one, they can’t compete with Thanos and two, they weren’t that great to look at. I don’t know if it was a case of weird character creation or flawed CGI, but I never got around to liking them. Which, of course, I shouldn’t because they are the bad guys who want to kill my superhero friends.

Expect the unexpected

The film gets straight into action from the first second and straight into the setting of the film: you are not prepared for this. Not in the slightest. Not at all. Even when I halfway through figured out how Infinity War would end (and I was right), I wasn’t prepared. I wasn’t ready for THIS. This is the best ending to any Marvel film ever made. The entire audience was quiet. It sets the stakes very, very, very high for the fourth Avengers film. That yet unnamed film was filmed back to back with this spectacle and comes out in May 2019. So, there’s one year of waiting in pure AGONY. I desperately need to know how this unfolds.

No matter who your favorite Avenger, Guardian, Asgardian, Wakandan or other hero (BUCKY!) is, every character get’s their chance to shine. Ofcourse, some characters get more screen time than others but it all makes sense. I even didn’t mind that #TeamCap didn’t get as much screen time as I personally hoped for. Also, expect to see everybody and then some. There are cameo’s and small parts and unexpected returns and faces you won’t expect. As for end credits scenes: there’s only one, but it’s a must see.

I want to see Infinity War again

Spiderman Infinity War

Because it’s that good. And also so layered I want to make sure I didn’t miss anything. This third Avenger film is also a pure rollercoaster of emotions. Shock, grief, happiness, love: it’s all there. I laughed my ass of at some scenes and remarks and quotes, and I was in shock for all the right reasons. Oh my God, I think it’ll take some time to process everything I just saw. I am in awe with directors Joe and Anthony Russo. But most of all, I need to see this film again and again so the wait for the sequel is less hard and long. Is it May 2019 yet?

If I wasn’t clear yet: go see this and go see this in the theater. Go see it now, and again. Avengers: Infinity War is one of the best (if not the best) out of ten years of Marvel Cinematic Universe films. And no. You are NOT ready for this. Not in the slightest.



Article written by Nora

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