47 Meters Down review

Horrortober Shark Movie: 47 Meters Down

There are all kinds of horror movies. Slashers, monster movies, movies about vampires and obscure, weird horrors. For more horror movies, check out Tom’s weekly Horrortober update. He sees a horror flick every day for this month! For me, horror lies in the depths of the ocean. You can throw clowns at me, or spiders, or inanimate objects coming to life and I’ll be quite unfazed. Deep, dark oceans filled with sharks however… YIKES. So, for horrortober I saw the sharkfilm/survival horror 47 Meters Down.

Do shark films even need a plot?

These films are about a shark/sharks. They like to eat. And in horrorfilms, they like to eat people. And those people don’t want to end up as fish food. That’s about it, really. So in 47 Meters Down, those fishfood-people are two sisters (Mandy Moore and Claire Holt) on holiday in Mexico. One of them just got dumped by her loser boyfriend so obviously she now needs to live life on the edge. Proof him wrong, or something like that.

The sisters hook up with two dudes who just happen to know a captain who provides a thrilling adventure. Get in a cage, which is then lowered into the ocean, so you can see sharks (and other fish) all around you. This is a thing people in the real world actually do and I personally think those people are crazy, but to each your own weird hobbies. But as this is a horror movie, the chain which holds the cage obviously breaks and the sisters are stuck… 47 Meters Down.

47 Meters Down film review

Stuck 47 Meters Down

Yeah, shark films mostly have crappy titles. Even the mother of all shark films (and the best ever made) has a not very clever title: Jaws. And my personal favorite also has a less than inventive name: Deep Blue Sea. So it’s fine that this one film is 47 Meters Down. It explains the plot and the predicament of the main characters. The film’s original title was ‘In The Deep’ and that’s probably as bad.

The problem with this film is that there are just two characters that go into the water. So it’s not really a horrorfilm in the sense that a lot to people die. There’s a trend going on in sharkfilmworld and it’s the ‘psychological shark film’ which is more of a survival (horror) film with the power of suggestion. The most recent example is The Shallows. That one had a terrible plot as well and hardly any casualties. 47 Meters Down is better than The Shallows though. It has more scare moments, it has a far better power of suggestion and, also quite important, the film actually takes place under water, in shark territory. The Shallows had Blake Lively on a rock and well, sharks tend to not like rocks. They rather eat people.

Sharks need to eat (people)

Without spoilering too much, the finale had both the best scare moment as well as the least impressive bit of the entire film. If you saw 47 Meters Down, you’ll know what I mean in both cases. Slight spoilers following: that scare moment was SO good, even when you know it will happen, it still is the best. That least impressive bit was so predictable and I wish the film would have ended 5 minutes sooner than it did. /end spoilers.

All in all, I enjoyed 47 Meters Down more than I thought I would. It was better than The Shallows. But it’s not a good movie, it’s not a great shark film and I wish filmmakers would stop with the psychological shark films. There are far better settings for psychological horrors, there are even far better settings for survival horrors. LET THE SHARKS EAT CAKE! I mean people (who maybe have cake in their stomachs?). Let the sharks eat people, and I will be a happy camper.




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