Horrortober week 2

Horrortober week 2: The Sequel

You read about the first Horrortober week, get ready for Horrortober week 2. Halloween lurks even nearer and so be prepared for a review filled with ghouls, superstition and more werewolves. This week was more of a mixed bag; I saw some good ones but also some very awful ones. Accompanying me is the evil and creepy cd Evil never Dies by the aptly named Mr. Hyde.

Day 1: Fiend

Horrortober week 2: Fiend Review








My first outing of my second week is a very subpar odditiy of a spooky flick from 1980. An evil spirit enters a graveyard and reanimates the corpse of music teacher Eric Longfellow. In order to stay alive, he has to wrap his hands around his victims’ throats to absorb their life
essences. After a few murdered women turn up, his neighbour starts suspecting Mr. Longfellow. Only for the ones who want a challenge, or who have nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon. The story is the best part of the movie; the audio and camerawork are really bad and the dialogue could be served with a glass of wine as it’s cheesy as hell.

My rating: 2 out of 5 Evil Spirits

Day 2: Phantasm

Horrortober week 2: Phantasm Review






Second movie is a way better one, a cult classic I was happy to rewatch. Following the deaths of his parents, 24-year old musician Jody Pearson raises his 13-year old brother, Mike, in a small Oregon town disturbed by the mysterious deaths of its citizens. Reggie, a family man and ice cream vendor, joins the brothers in their suspicions that the local mortician is responsible for the deaths. Angus Scrimm as the mortician or The Tall Man is one of the reasons this is such a good movie. Dreamlike and hypnotising; Phantasm is a must see for every horror fan, new or veteran.

My rating: 4 out of 5 Flying Killer Orbs

Day 3: Seed of Chucky

Horrortober week 2: Seed of Chucky Review






I thought I hadn’t yet seen this one, I was wrong. Luckily it was on Netflix, so I could chill on our couch and read a little in between. Tiffany and Chucky have a kid named Glenn, who acts as a ventriloquist dummy. After having dreams/nightmares of murders, Glenn tries to seek out his parents. Glenn meets them, they start killing everyone while wanting to possess Jennifer Tilly and Redman to get them pregnant to be resurrected as humans. Shenanigans ensue. Somehow funny sequel, Chucky is always a great standout. Recommended if you want to have a laugh and watch it with friends.

My rating: 2 out of 5 Killer Dummies

Day 4: Curse of the Devil

Horrortober week 2: Curse of the Devil Review






Next up is a 1972 Mexican/Spanish werewolf movie, appparently the seventh one in a series about the werewolf Count Waldemar Daninsky played by one of the Count of Cult Paul Naschy. Good news for everyone, this is a re-imaging and gives us a whole new origin for the Count, so if you haven’t seen any of the previous movies; no worries. When the wealthy count Waldemar Daninsky kills a wolf on his grounds, it transforms into a gypsy upon death, and he finds himself cursed by a vengeful gypsy witch who is angry about him killing one of her band.

The witch orders a young, beautiful gypsy girl to seduce Daninsky and then, while he is sleeping, bite him with the skull of a wolf which she smuggles into the count’s mansion. When she presses the skull’s fangs into his skin, Waldemar becomes a werewolf. Where the Wolfman of last week was a compelling slow paced movie, this one is it’s trashy cousin. Recommended if you want to see a campy and cheesy Werewolf movie.

My rating: 2 out of 5 Gypsies

Day 5: Witchfinder General

Horrortober week 2: Witchfinder General Review






Vincent Price always seems to pop up in my viewing list, but that’s no wonder as he has quite a body of work and the man is a superstar in my opinion. Whereas the previous movies all dealt with a more supernatural type of monster/threat, this one gives us the most
evil face of terror: man itself. In 1645 during the English Civil war, Matthew Hopkins (Vincent Price) plays an oppurtunist and witchhunter.

Taking advantage of the social disarray he imposes a reign of terror, together with his assistant. Torturing, forcing confessions out of suspected witches and raping; they go from village to village while being payed by the local magistrates. Until they kill a priest and take his niece; her fiance who is a soldier in the Roundhead army swears revenge and goes after them. Great period movie about how war and religion can bring out the best and worst out of us. Vincent Price as the villain is enough reason to watch this. Recommended!

My rating: 5 out 5 Evil Henchmen

Day 6: The City of The Dead

Horrortober week 2: City of the Dead Review






After Vincent Price, we get another of horror’s beloved sons: Christopher Lee. In 1692, in the fictional Massachusetts town of Whitewood, a witch named Elizabeth Selwyn was burned at the stake. However, before her death, she managed to make a deal with the devil: he gave her eternal life in exchange for a promise to eternally create only evil. Flash forward to the present day. Christopher Lee plays professor Alan Driscoll who specializes in witchcraft and medieval witches. One of his students, Nan, is very interested and he sents her to Whitewood. She disappears and after 2 weeks. Her brother, who is also a professor at the same univerisity, and her fiance go to Whitewood and investigate what happened to her. Something sinister is unearthed. Decent flick, recommended for the ones looking for a different fix.

My rating: 3 out of 5 Creepy Hotel owners

Day 7: City in Panic

Horrortober week 2: City in Panic Review









To finish this week, we have an obcure slasher from the 80’s set in Toronto. Originally titled The Aids Murders, we get an inkling what the plot is about. Dirty way to exploit the Aids epidemic of the 80’s. A talkshow host of the 80’s teams up with a detective to track down M, a homophobic killer who kills mainly men with, spoiler alert: Hiv or Aids. Giallo inspired, this slasher is interesting to say the least. But the poor way of handling the subject matter discredits most of it. Only recommended for people who want to see something political incorrect.

My rating: 1 out of 5 Masked Killers

This concludes Horrortober week 2. Week 3 has started and I wonder what wonder or horrors I get to see!



Article written by Tom

Tom is a 38-year-old lover of everything from the big G himself, Godzilla, to Star Trek and from playing D&D to Overwatch. Codename: Dr.BadTaste, because of a love for everything Cult, weird and bad. He founded Camp Camp with friends to celebrate this and to celebrate Bad Taste! Powers: Geek of all trades, bad puns and a certain je ne sais quoi. Weaknesses: his partner, their cat named Monster and everything to do with Pugs.

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