How I behave while watching movies

How I behave while watching movies

Yesterday I went to see Mockingjay Part 2. While some people told me it wasn’t that good, I personally had no moment of chill while watching the film. It was quite intense and as always with intense films, I was very much involved with the characters on screen.

I am one of those horrible people to watch movies with. Whenever someone does something stupid, I am the first person to tell them that.

*Person is in tense situation. Tries to fight way out. Gets captured by making a stupid mistake*.

Me: “She deserved that. For fuck’s sake, she could have seen that one coming!”

I also think that I am pretty much more equipped to dealing with cinematic situations than the people on screen. Fight scenes are my favourite.

*Character grabs knife and stabs person in shoulder*

Me: “OH MY GOD, if someone is attacking you like that, you do not stab them in the shoulder. STAB THEM SOMEWHERE LETHAL.”

Basically, the person watching the movie with me retreats at this point with a scared look on his/her face because yes, I am very intense about my survival skills.

When I actually do care about the characters on screen, I tend to tell them off for wandering into a dangerous situation. I just want them to be okay. I am also quite intense about that.

*Strange noises. Character waits around and tries to figure out where the sound came from*


I didn’t get this from a stranger. My mother tends to talk a lot during movies as well. Usually her questions are about what the hell is going on because she missed half of it, but sometimes she does have interesting remarks. One time, we were watching Lord of The Rings together. There was a scene in which a person walks through a large hall. You and I think: “I wonder what would happen next.”

My mother thought this: “Who cleans that place? It is a lot to clean. I sure wouldn’t go around cleaning that. That looks like a lot of work.

I guess that is just something stories do for me. I get so involved that I feel as if the characters are my friends or my worst enemies. This is especially an annoying trait when you’re in the cinema. For one reason or another, people who visit cinemas prefer to sit in silence as they watch the latest blockbuster. How weird.

Am I the only one who does this during movies? And really, who cleans the halls in Lord of the Rings? Let me know in the comments!




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