How to prepare for Avengers Infinity War

How to prepare for Avengers Infinity War

You guys! The moment we’ve all been waiting for is so close. Before we know it, Marvel’s Infinity War will be upon us. Only the non-believers will wonder why this is such a big deal. The rest of us have our tissues ready and our IMAX 3D glasses cleaned. This will be the first time basically all of our superheroes will grace the screen together. Finally, Thanos will come to Earth to ruin us all. I don’t know about you but I already pre-ordered my tickets so I know that I will have the best seat. But all of us need to mentally prepare for such awesomeness. Here are my tips on how to do that.

Watch all the Marvel Films

Starting with the first Iron Man film, there are plenty of films to watch so you are completely caught up with everything Marvel. It is of crucial importance to do this, as only then will you understand every reference. Of course, you should have already started ages ago, or at least have a week off to watch every Marvel film. Gather your friends, grab all the popcorn and get settled in front of the television.

How to prepare for Avengers Infinity War

Buy a Marvel costume

What better way to celebrate Infinity War than to dress up as your favourite character from the MCU. Whether you like to channel your inner Black Panther or prefer to go as Thor or Black Widow. There are plenty of options on Amazon or Ebay. Especially when you attend the first screening of Infinity War, it will be fun to dress up. Of course we would love to see the pictures!

Read all the comics

If you really want to know all about Marvel and its characters, you should read all the comics you can before Infinity War is in cinemas. Basically Marvel has such a long history that it will take a long time for you to catch up. So if you have nothing to do in the coming week, you should definitely go to the nearest comic book store to get all the comic books. Tom wrote about the best female Marvel characters. It’s always nice to expand your horizon and read things you wouldn’t usually read.

Go on social media to discuss Infinity War

The good thing about the internet and social media is that it gives us an opportunity to interact with fellow fans. It is also dangerous as spoilers are everywhere. However, before the film is in theatres, it is fun to discuss what we think is going to happen. Who will die? Who will live? Will Thanos take over the universe? Will Starlord and Thor become best friends? There are so many questions and so many opinions. It would be a shame not to use social media to find like-minded individuals. If you have time, you should also check out Nora’s article in which she guesses who will die in Infinity War.


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