Howling at the Moon: My Favourite Werewolf Movies

Howling at the Moon: My Favourite Werewolf Movies

Over the last few years the focus of the spooky pantheon was mainly on Vampires, Ghosts and Zombies. Nora wrote about the best and worst vampires on screen. I would like to direct some of the focus back on the underdog of the Monsters: The WereWolf. Sidenote: I know they were part of the Twilight universe; yet they still were set pieces and fillers to the Vampires. So to shine some (moon)light on them, here are my favourite Werewolf movies in no particular order. As you will read, one Werewolf is not like the other.

The Wolfman

Best werewolf films: The Wolfman

As I wrote in my first week of Horrortober I really liked this movie. The setting, pace and story really drew me in. Here is a short recap: Lon Chaney Jr. plays Larry Talbot, our tragic hero. He comes back after his older brother dies and he gets the werewolf curse after a fateful encounter. This movie zooms in especially on the human side of the Werewolf and he curse it brings. One of the classic monster movies.

Dog Soldiers

Best werewolf films: Dog Soldiers

Whereas the focus of the Wolfman is on the curse and the tragedy, Dog Soldiers gives us an action packed story set in the Scottish Highlands. A squad of six English soldiers are sent out on a training mission against an S.A.S. squad. They find only the ravaged remains of them while the last survivor warns them for some unseen attackers. Great special effects for the Werewolves and a great adrenaline charged ending.

The Howling

Best werewolf films: The Howling

Based on the book by Gary Brandner, The Howling was such a succes, it spawned 7 sequels. None of which will match the original. Karen White is an L.A. journalist, who has a serial killer stalking her. After a near fatal incident, she suffers from amnesia. To recover from this trauma, her doctor sends her to a mountain resort filled with strange characters. As she regains her memory, she discovers not everything is what it seems. Great mystery filled movie wich gives us yet another take on the Werewolves.

Silver Bullet

Best werewolf films: Silver Bullet

To finish of the list, a nostalgia trip. Based on a novella by Stephen King, this movie combines a coming of age story with a Werewolf. A paraplegic boy in his wheelchair/bike hybrid, the titular Silver Bullet, has to deal with a dysfuncional family. Meanwhile their small town is shocked by some brutal murders. The rest of the movie we follow the inhabitants on a murder mystery hunt. Great story and the mix of elements works well.

This conludes my list of favourite Werewolf movies, I’d love to hear what yours were/are. Take care and beware of the night!



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