IT Chapter 2 Cast for The Loser's Club is here!

IT Chapter 2 Cast for The Loser’s Club is here!

Last year, the remake for IT came out. After the two-part TV-series in the nineties, there finally was a full length feature film. Based on one of the best and most gruesome books of Stephen King, IT is also just sooo huge it has to be made into two different films. So, in 2017, we were treated to the eighties version of The Loser Club. And let’s be frank, that part was also the best of the TV adaptation.

And now, the casting is complete for IT: Chapter Two. All the Loser’s have grown up. So logically, none of the teens can reprise their roles. The casting of the first chapter was pretty damn perfect. All the seven kids were great in their parts. Those adults will have to do their very best to make us forget them. Luckily for us, the casting is yet again so friggin awesome. Let’s take a look!

Bill Denbrough – James McAvoy

Yup. It’s none other than the amazingly talented James McAvoy who will play the ‘leader’ of the club. And we all know McAvoy has talent for creepy settings, as he played the lead in Split. I for one can’t wait to see him as Bill, who in the novel turned out to be a writer; much like Stephen King himself. I wonder if the storyline about Bill’s wife will also be in Chapter 2. For me, it took the pace out of both the novel and the series.

Ben Hanscom – Jay Ryan

OK, I have to admit that I actually don’t know most of the adult actors. But, I only knew one of the kids (Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things) and that didn’t stop me from seeing the first chapter. IMDb tells me that Ryan has played quite some roles; sadly, I saw none of them. So I can’t say much about the man except that it’s pretty great casting. Ben did some serious ‘Neville Longbottoming’, that’s for sure.

Mike Hanlon – Isaiah Mustafa

It’s already known that the part of Mike will be a bit different. The Chapter 2 Mike will struggle with a drug addiction. Mustafa looks like a very chill dude on his IMDb profile picture. I did see him act before, but it was in the Shadowhunters tv-series and oh man, did I hate that show. But I want to see what Mustafa will do with the part, which sounds more intriguing than the bookish version of Mike.

Beverly Marsh – Jessica Chastain

Yay, one of the names I actually know! And who doesn’t? Chastain was in a lot of films and series so chances are, you’ve seen her around. She seems like the perfect fit to fill the shoes of the amazing Sophia Lillis, who played the only girl in the Losers Club in Chapter 1. Funny enough, when asked who should portray her grown-up version, Lillis answered with Chasten as her pick. So, spot on casting!

Richie Tozier – Bill Hader

It makes great sense to cast a comedian as the grown-up version of Richie. Bill Hader is pretty funny and is known for things like Saturday Night Live and a LOT of comedies, either as a guest star or as the star. Richie becomes a comedian himself as an adult and with the casting of Hader, I am sure the filmmakers are again taking that direction. Every horror needs some comic relief, and ‘Beep Beep’ Richie is it for IT.

Eddie Kaspbrak – James Ransone

The IT Chapter 2 cast continues with everybody’s favorite asthmatic. For me, this casting is the one with the best ‘looks’. James Ransone looks like a grown-up version of Jack Dylan Grazer, who played the young Eddie. I’d like to see some pictures of Grazer in 15 years to see if he indeed grows up as Ransone. Same as with Jake Ryan though, I haven’t seen Ransone act yet. But that will change when IT hits theaters next year!

Stanley Uris – Andy Bean

Ah, poor Stan. I don’t think he’s anybody’s favorite character and for those who’ve read the novel or have seen the TV adaptation… well, let’s say they know more about Stanley. If you’re thinking that Andy Bean is Sean Bean’s brother/cousin/son: nope. They’re not related. He’s just another Mr. Bean. He’s the third actor in this list who I’ve not seen on the screen before but taking a look at his photo’s, it’s great casting yet again.

Pennywise – Bill Skarsgård

Duh. Ofcourse Bill Skarsgård is back for more as Pennywise the Dancing Clown. I have to admit, I had my doubts when he was first cast. But that has nothing to do with his acting ability – I just loved Tim Curry so much in that part. Seeing Skarsgård as Pennywise changed my mind though – he was everything the film needed and more. He was the perfect Pennywise. I can’t wait to see how he will make the lives of everybody miserable in Chapter 2. 

So, what do you think about the IT Chapter 2 cast? It’s pretty spot on if you ask me! Now, all we have to do is wait until September 2019… Damn, that’s a long time. By then, we’ll even know how Avengers 4 will turn out. My heart can’t handle the 2019 films. If you want more information on It Chapter 2, check out the IMDb page for the film.



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