The Legend Of Tarzan – A Review

I have purchased a special card which lets me go to unlimited films and let me tell you, that is amazing. Especially since there are so many great films coming out this year. One film I did really want to see was the Legend of Tarzan. Not because I am such a massive Tarzan fan, but more because of who played Tarzan (Alexander…swoon). Anyway, is this a film worth spending your money on? I will let you know.

The story is not necessarily about how Tarzan came to be, although we do get a lot of flashbacks during the film that shows us how Tarzan and Jane met. Tarzan now lives in London and is known as John. John is told to go to Africa as he is invited by the King of Belgium, but John is like no. Luckily, Samuel L. Jackson persuades him to go and Jane forces John to take her along. But lo and behold, it is a trap set by a man named Romm, who will get diamonds from some tribe leader if he delivers Tarzan to him so he can murder our bae.

Tarzan and co are too smart and get off the boat before Romm can catch them. They meet up with old friends, cuddle with lions and it is all happy-go-lucky until shit goes down and Jane gets kidnapped. Of course Tarzan has to go and save his Jane and stop Romm from enslaving the whole of Congo.

Good actors, bad plot

That’s basically the whole story in a nutshell. At times it was rather confusing and especially in the beginning, the story took some time to get started, which was a bit of a shame. Gradually the film got better, but there were quite a lot of times when I wondered what the hell was going on and why shit was going down that way.

Visually, the film was stunning. The animals looked incredibly realistic. The Legend of Tarzan also boasts some of the best actors in the game. Samuel L. Jackson provided some comedy relief, Christopher Waltz once again excels as the bad guy. Alexander Skarsgard does not make a fool of himself hugging CGI lions (which is an accomplishment, and did I mention he looks good shirtless?) and Margot Robbie certainly does show us some girl power.

The film was entertaining, but if you are looking for a story with a lot of depth, then this is not the film for you. Are you just looking to be entertained and do you not value the original story a whole lot, then you might just really enjoy the Legend of Tarzan.

The Legend of Tarzan is in cinemas now.



Article written by Ingrid

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