Marvel's Infinity War Trailer Reaction

Marvel’s Infinity War Trailer Reaction

Welcome to our Infinity War trailer reaction!

Oh my dear Lord. Are we all still breathing? Yesterday, Marvel released the first trailer of Infinity War. It is a film we’ve been looking forward to for a very long time. Finally it is not just the Avengers who take the stage. All the dots will be connected. The entire Marvel Universe will meet. Not to mention the fact that our hearts will probably explode. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, watch it now before you continue reading:

Done? Are you still alive? Good, let’s take a closer look at the trailer and what it could possibly mean.

There was an idea..

The trailer starts with the voices of all of our favourite characters, combined with shots of our heroes in sticky situations. Right away, it is clear that the stakes are very high. In the first few seconds alone, I already started to fear for them and I haven’t even seen the whole trailer yet. It is good to see all the characters coming together. And can we mention the fact that Loki (spoiler alert) has the tesseract in his hand? He was staring at it in Thor Ragnarok. Damn it Marvel. I admire your attention to detail.


In the past few films, Thanos was always a character who merely appeared in the after-credits scenes. It wasn’t really clear who he was, only that he was looking for the infinity stones. But here he is at last, making his grand entrance as this film’s major villain. And he is not just a bad guy. Considering our heroes seem lost and about to give it all up, it shows that Thanos is a guy you should not mess with. No matter how hard they fight, none of our heroes seem to be able to win against him. And I’m pretty certain at least one of the main characters is not going to make the end of the film. Hold on while I grab the tissues.

Guardians of the Galaxy

One thing I love is the ending of the trailer, where the Guardians meet Thor, who has no idea who they are. I assume the Guardians (spoiler) are going to get Thor and his ship out of that sticky situation at the end of Ragnarok’s mid-credit scene. Considering this film is probably going to be a whole lot darker than we’re used of Marvel, it’s good to see that at least the Guardians will provide some comic relief.


This one is going to be massive. I’m a Marvel girl all the way through, so every new release is exciting. But considering the whole universe finally comes together now, I can barely handle it. Still the wait is way too long.



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    “Loki (spoiler alert) has that blue thing (I forgot its name) in his hand” → it’s the tesseract

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