Is Inhumans already cancelled?

Is Marvel’s Inhumans cancelled before even airing?

Things keep going downhill for the new television show Marvel’s Inhumans. Just now, the folks at Renew/Cancel TV found out that ABC is promoting season 1 as ‘the Complete Series’. And yep, Inhumans hasn’t even started airing on television yet. Almost never in the history of TV has a show received as much backlash as Inhumans.

Not one positive vibe about Inhumans

At first, there were the first pictures. These were… well, OK, but not much more than that. What was up with that terrible wig Medusa sported? Following were the (teaser) trailers and they got a shitstorm of critique. There wasn’t a single positive note about them, except maybe for the presence of Iwan Rheon, he of Game of Thrones fame. And that Medusa wig… it just got worse and worse.

And then there was the infamous TCA panel between press and the Inhumans team/stars. Words can’t really do justice how cringeworthy that was. The panel was even cut short. There’s plenty of buzz on that panel on the internet so take a look at the reactions…

And maybe even worst of all, the show has gotten terrible word of mouth and awful first reviews. Not many fans are looking forward as this Marvel show may be even worse than Iron Fist.

So is Inhumans really cancelled already?

Well, not exactly. It turns out the whole ‘Complete Series’ tagline has always been there. So maybe it was never supposed to be more than these couple of episodes. But it will come so no surprise for anyone if ABC really does decide to pull the plug.

The only positive about all of this is that with all this bizarrely negative vibes surrounding Inhumans, the show will probably attract a lot of viewers so see if it really is That Bad. Just some more waiting for that, as the first episode is airing on September 29th.



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