My Five Favourite Doctors from Doctor Who

My Five Favourite Doctors from Doctor Who

Doctor Who is the longest running Science Fiction series with 50 something years of it being around. To be honest, there has been a period without Doctor Who, but still it is a testament of the series to exist so long. Nothing even comes close. And with it’s 13th Doctor coming, the serie is not stopping soon.
The great thing about the series, there is a Doctor for everyone. If there is one you didn’t like, there is a significant chance you will like another one. I know there will people disagreeing with my list, that’s okay we all have our own favourites. I must admit I arrived late to the party, well in the 11th’s run. Before that I occiasonally saw an episode of the first season of NuWho. I got into because of my boyfriend and since then I have seen quite some Doctor Who. Now on to the list of my favourite Doctors.

The Fourth Doctor played by Tom Baker

My Five Favourite Doctors from Doctor WhoAfter seeing a lot of Doctor Who, I have to say the Fourth is my absolute favourite. I am not alone in this regard, because he still is the Doctor with the longest run of 7 seasons. I love him so much I got a signed picture of him that says From Tom to Tom for my birthday.
Tall with his trademark scarf and a hat on his curly haired head. The first Doctor to refer to his companions as his friends. Also the first one with a deeper and longer relationship with one of them; Sarah Jane. I
Sometimes flashing his maniacal grin and his whimsical charm with accompying offbeat humour. And also showing a somber and aloof attitude with a darker edge. The long run offered the chance for vastly different stories, Gothic Horror ones but also fantastic Science Fiction adventures. There is something for everyone in this run. That’s why I love him, the tone of the series vastly differ and so does he.

 The Ninth Doctor played by Christopher Eccleston

My Five Favourite Doctors from Doctor WhoMy previous choice was a safe one, this choice is not so obvious. I picked the Ninth because he was the first Doctor I ever saw. And because of him and Russel T. Davies Doctor Who got a chance to bloom again. A stripped down and dark incarnation with his shaved hair, leather jacket and a Northern accent.
He starts out as a traumatised soldier, but during his season he starts to see the light again with help of his companion Rose. This redemption arc is what made him stand out for me. Combined with the way he goes out. I just have one word for the Ninth: Fantastic!

 The Sixth Doctor played by Colin Baker

My Five Favourite Doctors from Doctor WhoA weirder choice I admit, but the Sixth has won a place in my heart. Curly blond hair, rainbow coat and cat badge, his appearance was deceiving. He was brash, short tempered and condescending and thus the Sixth was not very loved. He lasted only 3 seasons with a large hiatus in between. I love this Doctor because he is so different from his previous incarnation.
Colin Baker refused to do his forced regeneration, so instead they had Sylvester Mccoy play him with a wig on. To his defense his run gave us 2 great things. First the multi part adventure The Trial of aTime Lord where he is on trial for his crimes by his fellow Time Lords. The prosecutor named The Valeyard turned out to be an interesting character with a twist. Second his run had the first ever Time Lady. Her name was Rani and she was a renegade and a foe of the Doctor. Luckily the Sixth got some redemption as he got to continue his adventures in the audio dramas, just like the Eight.

The Twelfth Doctor played by Peter Capaldi

My Five Favourite Doctors from Doctor Who
The one before the current one, the 12th made an impact on me. Sure he had to grow on me, but I love him because he was once again so different from his previous incarnation. No longer quirky and goofy, Peter Capaldi gave the Doctor gravitas and hints of a darker side.
He is still witty, just older and no longer on romance, the 12th goes back to basics. Not caring to be seen as human instead living as the alien that he is. I love watching him because I see hints in him of the Doctors I love like the Fourth and the Ninth.

The 3d Doctor played by John Pertwee

My Five Favourite Doctors from Doctor WhoTo close off my list I chose the Third. The first series to be broadcast in colour. Even tho his run was sometimes nicknamed monster of the week, I still like it.
This run the Doctor was stranded on earth and had to deal with that fact. He no longer could travel in space, only in time. He was the more hands on Doctor when dealing with foes. The doctor used his Venusian Aikido to combat them. He wore velvet suits with frilly shirts beneath them and a cape. I love this outfit. He worked closely with UNIT and the Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. He could be arrogant, but he also was fatherlikeand anti authority.
His run is remarkable because it gave us many great villians like The Master, The Autons and The Sontarans.

This finishes up my list, ofcourse there are honourary mentions like the Eight and The Tenth.
I hope you enjoyed my piece and give some of these doctors a watch if you can. Let me know what your favourite doctors are.



Article written by Tom

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