My guess on who DIES in Infinity war Thanos Bucky Loki

My guess on who DIES in Infinity war

Just ONE MORE MONTH until Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters around the globe. As a huge Marvel fan, I already have the tickets in my pocket for an early screening on April 25th. And I know about as much as the next nerd: I’ve seen the teasers, the trailers and the images, and I’ve read the articles. But as usual, the Marvel Cinematic does what is does so well: keep the plot (and the spoilers) away from the audience. So, this is just a wild guess on who dies in Infinity War. These are not spoilers, I’m not even close to sure.

But first: these heroes are probably safe

My guess on who DIES in Infinity war Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier

Doctor Strange, Spider-Man and (some of the) Guardians of the Galaxy are a safe bet. These guys are probably still alive once the end credits start. Why? Well, because a second Doctor Strange and a second Spider-Man film are coming our way in the not too distant future. And for the Guardians, it’s even the third film. I think we can safely say that out of the Guardians, Groot is the safest, since his father (yes, father) already died in the first Guardians of the Galaxy, and audiences couldn’t cope with another Groot dying.

Also probably safe: James Buchanan ‘Bucky’ Barnes, aka the artist formerly known as the Winter Soldier. Why? Because actor Sebastian Stan has a LOT of Marvel films in his contract left. After Infinity War, he still has about four films left in his contract. And milking that cash cow is what Marvel does best. Also, Bucky has some of the best character development in the franchise, going from hero to dead to Winter Soldier to plum buyer to Bucky to White Wolf to… who knows. So why kill somebody like that? Another brilliant reason for Bucky surviving, is because I want him to since he’s my favorite MCU character. Hands off my Bucky!

OK, so these are all very meta guesses, but I think I’m right. But now, on to the sad part. Who dies in Infinity War?


My guess on who DIES in Infinity war Nebula Gamora

She’s hardly anybody’s favorite character and her part in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was so much less kick-ass than her part in part 1. My guess is that Nebula will sacrifice herself to save her sister Gamora from their evil father Thanos. It would be the ultimate sacrifice. Not only can Nebula redeem herself with this, it’s going to be a great set-up for the next Avengers/Guardians films. It’s already known that Gamora will play a big part in Infinity War, so for me, this is a good guess about probably one of many deaths in this film.

Scarlet Witch

My guess on who DIES in Infinity war Scarlet Witch Vision

See, this is because everybody is betting on Vision dying. But I don’t think Vision will die, because it’s just too obvious. He’s almost dying in the trailer, and Thanos has his Infinity Stone up and running at some point in the film. And I don’t think the MCU or the Russo Brothers would give away such a huge spoiler. So, while Vision lives, Scarlet Witch dies. It’s either because she’s in the line of fire wile saving Vision, or (another) self sacrifice, or something bad (but not lethal) happens to Vision and she’s taking her revenge a bit too far.


My guess on who DIES in Infinity war Loki Thor

Infinity War needs a Big Impact death. And where everybody is putting bets on whether this is Captain America or Iron Man, my money is on Loki. By no means do I want Loki to die, he is one of the most intriguing characters from the MCU. But I think most things have been played out with him and there’s only so much ‘good guy, no bad guy, no good guy, no bad guy, no good guy’ they can write. It’s also not set in stone there’s gonna be another Thor movie and, same with Gamora, it’s said that Thor plays a pivotal part in Infinity War. Out of all my guesses on who dies in Infinity War, I hope I’m wrong about Loki the most.

What about Cap or Tony?

My guess on who DIES in Infinity war Captain America Iron Man Tony Stark

I honestly believe that one of these, or maybe even both, will die. But I also think it won’t be in Infinity War. I think it’ll be in the yet to be named part 2 of this epic adventure. I think Cap and Tony will get hurt, I think they will have losses (NOT Bucky) but I think their time will come in another film. If I have to predict it: Cap dies VERY heroically and Tony just quits and has a life off the grid somewhere, with Pepper.

So, what do you think? Who dies in Infinity War? Obviously, a lot of unnamed characters are going to die. Wakandan soldiers, Iron Minions, some random New Yorkers. But out of the main cast, my money is on Nebula, Scarlet Witch and Loki. Or just one of these fine heroes. Though, if I’m totally honest, I hope nobody of importance dies in Infinity War. I just can’t cope with that. I guess I’ll have to wait and see on April 25th…




Article written by Nora

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