Netflix Original film The Babysitter review

Netflix Original Review: The Babysitter

Welcome to yet another Horrortober feature! Unlike Tom, who watches a horror movie every single day this month, I just watch a few when I have the time. I already saw the sharkfilm 37 Meters Down, which was an OK but not a great film. So next up I took my chances with a Netflix Original: The Babysitter. This is a horror-comedy from director McG.

Don’t tell mom the babysitter’s deadly

The story is about 12-year old Cole (Judah Lewis) who has the storybook babysitter: she’s hot, funny and lovable. Bee (Samara Weaving) is sticking up for Cole when bullies tease him and during their days and evenings together, they have the most fun ever. She is just the best. So Cole is shocked when he sneakily stays up past his bedtime one night to find out his friend Bee is a devil worshipper. She and her friends murder an innocent boy while Cole secretly watches, and after that they’re coming for his blood… So it’s up to Cole to be inventive and stop them.

The film starts off happy and sappy and almost like a coming of age comedy. So if you haven’t seen the trailer, you’re in for quite the surprise when Bee and her friends turn out to be satanists. But they’re not too bad, OK? Max (Robbie Amell) helps Cole to face his number one bully, and Allison (Bella Thorne) just wants a bright future for herself. They just happen to need Satan and some of Cole’s blood to get all of their wishes to come true.

Netflix Original film The Babysitter review

High paced fun with some gore

The Babysitter is such a fun horror. It has the best mix of camp, wit, entertainment, action, humor and gore. McG’s cinematography is high paced and colorful. It’s everything you need a horror-comedy to be. The characters are all stereotypes: there’s the gorgeous babysitter, the token black guy, the weird Asian girl, the dumb cheerleader and the hot quarterback. For instance, quarterback Max has his shirt of most of the movie and it’s never explained why. Even Cole wonders why while he’s tied up. Other stereotypical horrortropes include the creepy crawlspace with huge spiders, a butcher knife and an ancient book of evil.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a horror/slasher without people dying and there are plenty of victims. Each dies in an original way, and sometimes their deaths are on the funny side. There’s just enough blood and gore but the film never gets scary. So if you’re not a big horror fan, this could just be the film for you. Also a plus if you’re not that into horrors: the running time is just about an hour and a half and it’s mostly about Cole and his survival. There are hardly any jump scares. It’s all a bit over the top.

The Babysitter is a blast

No, this is not the best movie out there. It has it’s flaws. But it’s such a blast to see. The story is quite original as far as horrorfilms go. It’s well written and directed and all the actors seemingly love being in this film. They all are great to watch. Samara Weaving especially is great as Bee. I’ll certainly keep a watch on her further career. She gave me that Margot Robbie-vibe star quality. If you have some time to spare, go and see this. It’s worth your time. If you need further proof, here’s the trailer:



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