Netflix Recommendation: Bodyguard

In case you’ve seen every series on Netflix and are looking for a new one, look no further. You can not watch the six-part series Bodyguard on the streaming service. No, Whitney Houston is not in it. Kevin Costner is nowhere to be seen either. Instead, Richard Madden (Game of Thrones) returns to the small screen. BBC one started showing the series in August 2018. Ever since then, the series has had the most viewers for a new crime series in over a decade. The last episode had 11 million people watching. Now the series is on Netflix, which gives us all the possibility to enjoy the drama of the British Home Office.

What is it about?

Veteran and police officer David Budd (Madden) is on a train with his children when he finds out that there is a possible attack planned on the train. Budd manages to find the terrorists and stops the attack by acting calmly. He gets promoted and becomes the personal bodyguard of the Home Secretary Julia Montague. Montague is very controversial because of her proposal to introduce RIPA 18, a law designed to stop terrorism. However, the law would have dire consequences for the privacy of the people. Multiple groups don’t want the law to pass. Furthermore, behind closed doors there are secret meetings and no one is as good as they portray themselves to be. Budd gets caught up in a web of lies and finds out that even he is not safe from the dirty games that are being played.

Lots of plot twists

From the first moment on, the series is very exciting. In the first ten minutes Budd is already in a tricky situation. The way the actors play the scene and the way it’s filmed ensure that you feel anxious while watching it. That is a trend that happens throughout the entire series. There is no filler episode at all. Every minute adds something to the story. As a viewer, you feel every moment as intensely as Budd feels it. It’s almost as though you are not watching a series at all. Bodyguard has many plot twists. Some are very predictable, while the majority manages to be surprising. It makes you think and it makes you wonder who you can trust. That is what makes it so exciting to watch. No one is safe and everyone has a hidden agenda.

A dark show

There are barely any lighter moments in the show. Budd is traumatised by the war, but also in denial. His fear, especially after the more dramatic events in the series, is almost palpable. Bodyguard is not a show to watch with half of your attention. It requires you to focus. That said, there is a danger of wanting to binge watch the show.

It’s unfortunate that the show does manage to be interesting for six episodes, but that the conclusion feels rushed. No spoilers here, but the last ten minutes don’t end as strong as the series started. That’s a shame. It feels as though the writers had to hurry to finish the story. Considering the majority of the series is still excellent, there are no hard feelings.

The series is not without controversy. After the first episode, the creators were accused of islamophobia. The creator responded to this, saying that people should watch the entire show before drawing conclusions. After all, nothing is what it seems in this show.


Bodyguard is exciting and will make your anxiety go through the roof during some of the scenes. The acting is great and we think Richard Madden would make an excellent James Bond. If you are looking for a new crime show to watch, Bodyguard is definitely the show for you.




Article written by Ingrid

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