The OA full series review

Netflix’ The OA Full series review

A while ago I reviewed the first four episodes of the new Netflix show The OA. I finished watching the series about two weeks ago and realised that I hadn’t written a full series review. Unacceptable, I know, so that is why today I will discuss the whole series with you. There might be a little bit of spoilers here and there so be warned.

In the previous review I spoke about how much of a story-driven series this is and that this is something that has to appeal to you. Having seen the entire series, I still agree with this statement. There is not much action, yet if you let it, the story will carry you away and you will find yourself constantly wondering what is next. That doesn’t take away the fact that halfway through the series, it gets a little confusing now and then. There were times when I wondered what the hell was going on and it felt like the creators were just a little too ambitious with the plot.

I was a little disappointed when the series implied that the whole story told by the OA was fake. While they did not provide any answers for this, which makes it all the more intriguing, at times I felt too much was left unanswered. Especially in the last episode, I had moments where I was wondering what the hell was going on. I may or may not have even shouted it at the tv at times. Still, I did not get any answers. While this makes me excited about the next season, it also left a part of me unsatisfied. I mean, I spent eight hours watching this. I at least need some closure.

Regardless of this, the OA is still a very special show, unlike much of what is on tv these days. Yes, it is ambitious. It is confusing. It is frustrating at times. But more importantly, it is beautifully made and well-acted, which makes it a pleasure to watch. It is definitely not for everybody. If you don’t enjoy series that are story-driven and a little slow, skip this one.

The OA: spoilers and theories

On another note, I do believe that the story is not made up. The books underneath her bed are so new and look so unread that I doubt she read them to come up with her whole story. Perhaps the FBI guy planted them there for who knows what reason. It definitely smells like a conspiracy.

Also, if you ever happen to find yourself in a shooter situation, don’t think it is a good idea to do an interpretive dance and assume that the shooter will be too mesmerised to actually shoot you. He won’t be. You will probably be dead before you can even start doing your moves. Just a tip.

What did you think of the OA? What are your theories? Let us know!



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