Orange is the New Black Season 6 Review

TV Review: Orange is the New Black Season 6

It’s the show that just doesn’t know when to stop. Oh no, wait, that’s The Walking Dead. But still, Orange is the New Black is still going, despite the fact that the best seasons are long gone. Season five was clumsy and boring at best. It didn’t work that the entire storyline was set in just a few days. So luckily for this new season, the writers skipped that idea. This season is set again over a longer time period. The best way to tell time this time around, is seeing how far along Lorna’s pregnancy is. But should season five have been the last season or is season six turning things around again? Minor spoilers await those who read further!

Half of the cast is… gone

Orange is the New Black Season 6

At the end of season five, all of the inmates were put into busses, which took off to… places unknown. At the start of season six, we now know that most of the inmates were brought to the Supermax facility of Lichfield. The place where Nicky already went once. Everybody who was at the pool with Piscatella is at the Max, and some of the others. But, we have to say goodbye to a lot of familiar faces.

Gone are Big Boo, Flaca, Leanne, Angie, Yoga, Gina and Brook. And there are others who we just hardly see during the sixth season of Orange is the New Black. Crazy Eyes and Pennsatucky are both in the least terrifying bit of the Max and have hardly anything to do. Lorna, Nicky and Maritza are all present, but they feel like they are fillers. They have no storylines except for some comic relief. Well, Lorna’s pregnancy is no comic relief of itself, but the writers still make us feel like it’s something she can only laugh and make jokes about.

Luckily there are Carol and Barbara

Orange is the New Black Season 6 young Carol and Barbara

Carol and Barbara are the new main bitches around. Gone are the days of Red or the reign of Gloria. Carol rules one part of the Max, Barbara the other (and then there’s the BORING part of Florida, where Crazy Eyes and Pennsatucky reside). We gradually learn about their backstories. Can I just give major kudos to the casting? Because the young versions of Carol and Barb are spot-on look-a-likes for their older counterparts. Turns out, Carol and Barb are sisters, who killed their younger sister in cold blood. These are not bitches to mess around with!

So, some of the old gang gets cells in Carol’s block and the others in Barb’s block. The main overall plot is getting vengeance. Carol and Barb want to get revenge on each other for something that happened years ago (not murdering their sister though, they’re quite content with that). Red wants revenge on Frieda for ratting her out. Oh, Carol and Barb also want revenge on Frieda, because these three go waaaaay back. Gloria and Maria are after each other, and everybody who got prolonged sentences wants revenge on… life. Oh and Piper is also still around. Yawn.

It’s pretty predictable

Orange is the New Black Season 6

Even though I watched the new Orange is the New Black season pretty quickly, I still don’t know what the exact appeal was. I wanted to keep watching, but there were hardly any GREAT reasons to keep doing so. Yes, Carol and Barb were amazing, but their screen time was pretty limited. New girl Daddy was pretty cool, but her backstory was bland and felt unfinished. I think everybody can agree to hate Badison. Sometimes, characters can start off terrible, but you will end up liking them anyway. For Badison, this was the other way around. She kept getting on my nerves more and more each episode. And with her as new big bad for the next season (although I sincerely hope that’s not the direction they’re taking), things will keep going downhill.

Taystee again is great though. I still don’t know why Danielle Brooks has yet to receive an Emmy nomination for her part. I honestly don’t understand why Crazy Eyes and most of all Cindy/Tovah didn’t come forward with what happened to Piscatella at the pool. It wasn’t as if they would get longer sentences for this. As Piscatella’s murder and his cover up were so important at the very beginning of the season, I just didn’t understand why the entire season is based on vengeance and not redemption. And while it was very predictable that Taystee would receive the guilty verdict, I did love how that scene worked out. I loved the lack of sound except for her heartbeat.

Yawn to the (super)max

Orange is the New Black Season 6

Piper: yawn. Piper and Alex: yawn. Fantasy inmate: yawn. Blanca wanting a baby in prison: maybe not yawn but it was ridiculous at the least. And I could keep going on. All in all, it was just a pretty bland season, with some good scenes. I really liked Caputo and Natalie. I did like the fact that CO Mccullough had PTSD, but I do feel that more could have been done to address her issues. Other things I disliked are the radio show, Cindy’s storylines, the fact that once again Sophia had nothing at all to do and the whole drugs smuggling storyline.

I even disliked the ending at the ballgame; I though for sure that would turn into a bloodbath. So maybe that part wasn’t predictable, but damn, it was boring as fuck. At least Piper is now out of prison  so let’s pray we’ll see even less of her next time around. It’s as if she gets worse each season. I was shocked by the fact that Blanca is being deported though! So that was at least one cliffhanger. It broke my heart seeing Diablo at the gates with flowers…

Orange is the New Black will undoubtedly be back for a seventh season. And I will probably bingewatch it again. But this series has lost a lot of its charm, wit and shockers.




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