And the Oscar Goes to... Our Oscars 2018 Predictions

And the Oscar Goes to… Our Oscars 2018 Predictions

The Academy Awards are coming up and Hollywood is anticipating the event with nerves and excitement. For many years, the ceremony was dominated by white males who won. Yet with the current movement still going strong, this year the Oscars might be worth to watch. I am going to admit that I haven’t seen many of the nominated films. I am a mainstream pop culture lover and the only film I have seen at an arthouse is The Disaster Artist. Speaking of that one, James Franco was slated for a nomination, yet failed to actually make it happen. Perhaps he is relieved about that considering he has avoided the spotlight like a plague.

Casey Affleck does not want to distract from the #MeToo movement, so he won’t present the award for best actress. Sexual harassment is no longer something that is accepted in Hollywood. So perhaps the 90th Academy Awards will finally belong to women and black actors. That said, there are some films that we wholeheartedly hope they win that Oscar, but also some films that make us wonder who even voted for them. And let’s be honest, where are the 6 nominations for The Greatest Showman? Anyway, here are some films we hope will win and why.

Best Film: Get Out

Let’s be honest, Get Out is the film we needed. Directed by Jordan Peele and starring Daniel Kaluuya, it is a weird and twisted film. Yet it is also a masterpiece that deserves all the recognition and praise it gets. It highlights the fact that racism is still very much alive today, even among those of us who think we are not racist. Honestly I hope Get Out wins all of its categories, because it is about that black actors and directors receive more recognition for their amazing work.

Best Animation: Coco

If Coco does not win best animation, I am going to riot. It’s so beautifully made and so very respectful to Mexican culture that it deserves the award. I remember sitting in the theatre and people around me were bawling their eyes out. This film makes you laugh and cry and fills you with a happiness you did not know you needed before. I mean, honestly if Boss Baby wins over Coco, the Oscars are officially cancelled.

And the Oscar Goes to... Our Oscars 2018 Predictions

Best Costume Design: Beauty and the Beast

I’ll admit I am slightly partial because I had a lot of feelings when watching this film. While some argue Belle’s iconic yellow dress did not look good in the film, I strongly disagree. I thought the entire film was wonderful and that the costumes were spot on. Especially that yellow dress. Can you tell I am in love with this film? I am really trying to hide it as much as I can.

Best Editing: Baby Driver

Baby Driver was a huge surprise for me. Yet I loved it so much when I saw it in theatres. One of the great things about this film is the incredible editing that literally never misses a beat. Music is an important part of the film, and especially the driving scenes were edited to suit the music instead of the other way around. That made for an interesting viewing experience. Apart from that, it is a very fun film to watch.

Best Make Up and Hairstyling: Wonder

My only reasons for wanting Wonder to win this is because I saw the film and it was endearing. The make up was really well done and I loved it. And the nominated artist is Dutch. Considering all of us here at theSassologist are Dutch, that makes us root for our fellow Dutchies.

Best Music (Original Score): The Last Jedi

PAM PAM PAPAPAPAAAAAMPAAAAAM. Honestly, I loved the Last Jedi, so I just want it to win an Oscar.

And the Oscar Goes to... Our Oscars 2018 Predictions

Best Music (Original Song): This is Me – The Greatest Showman

It is a shame that The Greatest Showman only has a single nomination and I will fight anyone on this. And no matter how much I loved the music in Coco, This Is Me is already my anthem and the anthem of many others. While the film should have earned much more recognition, I do not want the creators of this master piece to go home empty-handed. Now I excuse me while I go and listen to the soundtrack for the millionth time.

And the Oscar Goes to... Our Oscars 2018 Predictions

It is a shame Wonder Woman received no nominations at all, but I guess life is not fair sometimes. Do you agree with these picks? Let us know in the comments!




Article written by Ingrid

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