The Oscars 2018 - Our Honest Opinion

The Oscars 2018 – Our Honest Opinion

The Academy Awards have been handed out once again last night. While most people agree that Get Out was supposed to be the big winner, nobody was surprised when it was snubbed. Because it is Hollywood after all. There’s so much change happening at the moment and the old voters can’t keep up. Anyway, basically all of our predictions were wrong. Except for Coco winning best animation, but if that wouldn’t have happened, then the Oscars would have been cancelled. But what were our Oscards 2018 predictions again and who actually won? Let’s take a look.

Best Film: The Shape of Water

Our prediction was Get Out. We trusted that the Academy would honour originality and groundbreaking films. Get Out was also the only nomination that was not a drama. Why do the Oscars always have to celebrate dramatics? The Shape of Water is a beautiful film from what I’ve been told. I wasn’t interested enough to watch it for myself. However, the film did face accussations of plagiarism, although Del Torro denied them. In any case, I’m not too excited about this win. But hey, at least Get Out managed to win one Oscar. That is something.

The Oscars 2018 Get Out

Best Animation: Coco

Our prediction was Coco. I mean, was this even a competition? Loving Vincent might have had a chance. Ferdinand maybe. But who in their right mind decided that Boss Baby was worth a nomination? Were there no other worthy animated films? Were they taking the piss? In any case, if you haven’t seen Coco yet, you definitely should. It is amazing and heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. You’re welcome. Now go out and watch it.

The Oscars 2018 Coco

Best Costume Design: Phantom Thread

Our prediction was Beauty and The Beast. I really wanted Belle and co to get this award. That said, the costumes in Phantom Thread look pretty amazing as well. It’s just that the yellow dress has my heart and soul and I feel like that dress alone already deserved an Oscar. But hey, what do I know? I’m just going to be in the corner, singing Tale As Old As Time while crying over this loss.

The Oscars 2018 Phantom Thread Beauty and the Beast

Best Editing: Dunkirk

Our prediction was Baby Driver. This one is not surprising as Dunkirk was a very good film. However, I am shocked and offended that Baby Driver did not even win the Oscar for best sound mixing and editing. That Oscar was stolen from Baby Driver and no matter how great Dunkirk is, it cannot beat that fantastic soundtrack. It seems like no one even took the time to take in the glory that was Baby Driver‘s soundtrack. Just saying it how it is.

The Oscars 2018 Dunkirk Baby Driver

Best Make Up and Hairstyling: Darkest Hour

Our prediction was Wonder but mainly because the artist behind that film is Dutch. And Dutchies have to stick together and support each other of course. That said, I do recognise that Darkest Hour managed to drastically change Gary Oldman’s appearance for his role. So kudos to that make up department. But no worries Arjen Tuiten. You are still a winner in our hearts.

The Oscars 2018 Darkest Hour Wonder

Best Music (Original Score): The Shape of Water

Our prediction was The Last Jedi. Still there is no score more iconic than the Star Wars one, so even though I have not heard the winner’s score, I am still going to argue that The Last Jedi was snubbed. Now everybody together: PA PAM PAPAPAPAPAAAAMPAAAAM.

The Oscars 2018 Shape of Water The Last Jedi

Best Music (Original Song): Remember Me – Coco

Our prediction was This Is Me. I am very angry about this, because even though Coco is a fantastic film with a great soundtrack, This Is Me is a true anthem. It’s a song that celebrates all the misfits and outcasts and gives them a voice. The performance at the Oscars was fantastic. Above all, I adore this film so much that I want to watch it a million times and then I’d still not grow tired of it. So sorry Coco, but The Greatest Showman deserved this one in my humble opinion.

The Oscars 2018 The Greatest Showman Coco


Next year’s Oscars will hopefully feature more films that are less dramatic. Give us something to laugh about. Make the awards more entertaining. Well, we’ll see what happens. Here’s a full list of all winners. Do you agree with the ones picked to win the prizes? Let us know!






Article written by Ingrid

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