Film Review: Pirates of the Caribbean - Salazar's Revenge

Film Review: Pirates of the Caribbean – Salazar’s Revenge

Pirates of the Caribbean; Salazar’s Revenge, or as it is called in ‘Murica, Dead Man Tell No Tales, is the 5th instalment in the Pirates franchise. It has been quite a while since the last Pirates came out. And if we are honest with each other, we all know the last two Pirates were very confusing. Also, they were not quite good, were they? In any case, years later, the makers of the Pirates franchise smelled a renewed opportunity to milk that cow. Cue Salazar’s Revenge! They said it was honestly, pinky swear, the very last one. In the meantime, Johnny Depp signed up for a sixth film, so that’s a lie. Naturally, the question we all ask ourselves is; is this a good comeback? Let’s find out.

A Pirate’s Life For Me

In this film, we do not necessarily follow Jack Sparrow on his quest to do whatever. It’s Henry Turner, son of Will and Elizabeth, who we follow. He wants to find Poseidon’s trident in order to break the curse of his father. He needs Jack Sparrow for this. But before he even gets to him, the ship he’s on enters dangerous territory and Henry is unfortunate enough to meet Captain Salazar, who wants to find Jack as well.  In the meantime, Carina, a girl who is accused of being a witch, breaks out of prison and also searches for the trident. Fate brings the two and Jack Sparrow together for their next adventure.

The plot is not very complicated, which is a good thing because the previous two films were. The thing is, especially the first half of the film is a bit of a drag. Obvious jokes are not really funny. Basically the film tries too hard to live up to the first film. In the first half I have to say I found Jack quite annoying at times. Simply because of all the gimmicks that we’ve seen a million times before. And that comes from someone who loves the character. Another thing that bothered me a bit is the fact that the two young leads barely have any chemistry at all. Naturally these characters are set to fall in love, but it comes out of nowhere. Now of course it was an impossible task to find actors who could live up to Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley. But still, I wondered if they even really liked each other.

Was this film necessary?

To be fair, the second half of the film was slightly more enjoyable than the first. There was more action, and despite the fact that it did not leave me on the edge of my seat, it was entertaining enough. I guess one of the major problems of this film is that it wants too much. Every character must have a background story and a motive. The result is that all those storylines get lost in the film as a whole. This results in not giving a damn about any of these characters. This means the film relies heavily on Jack Sparrow for comedic relief and that just cannot be pulled off. I think, no matter how hard they try, they cannot live up to the original Pirates film. It was good as a trilogy but now they are simply pushing their luck.

I did enjoy Javier Bardem’s performance. He was both scary and funny which gave him quite an edge. Also, the short appearance of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan was a trip down memory lane. All in all, it was an entertaining film but it had nothing in it that was memorable at all. The post-credit scenes did hint at a possible sixth instalment, but honestly, shall we just let go of the pirate life for now?




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