How to prepare for American Gods

How to prepare for American Gods

Just ten days left! Ten days until Neil Gaiman’s masterpiece American Gods will hit our small screens. I’m pretty sure all of you fanboys and girls are wetting your pants right now. The reviews so far have been fantastic and all the rest of us can do is wait impatiently. It is essential that you do prepare to be blown away. This is why we’ve made a list which tells you exactly how to prepare for the American God series. So, get on your knees, pray to whatever God you worship and let’s get down to business.

1. Read the book

Unless you don’t want any spoilers, we highly recommend you to read the novel first. Neil Gaiman’s novel is a fantastic venture into worlds beyond your imagination. And the best thing is that it mostly takes place in places that are real. The first season will focus on one third of the novel, so I think avoiding spoilers will be pretty much impossible in the long run. Besides that, American Gods is one of Gaiman’s best novels to date and certainly worth a read. If you don’t like to actually read novels, there is also a comic book version for you to enjoy. Basically, there is no excuse not to read it.

2. Marvel at the posters

Starz have released some gorgeous posters which truly capture the spirit of the series. One look at these will truly make you say Oh My God! But be careful who you worship. You might give the wrong Gods too much power. What I specifically love about these posters is that every character has their own colour theme. Even though we haven’t seen the show yet, you can tell a lot about the characters just from these posters. It’s a great accomplishment.

How to prepare for American Gods How to prepare for American Gods How to prepare for American Gods

3. Watch the American Gods trailer (again…and again)

Doesn’t this look fantastic? I love the way they filmed the scenes. It gives off a very comic bookish vibe. Besides, the theme of the series could not be more important now. People are divided, all worshipping different Gods. American Gods, even though it is quite an old novel, is very relevant today. Which makes it all the more exciting to watch.

I believe this show will be quite important and perhaps change the way we look at religion and politics. So get your bibles out folks! American Gods is only ten days away. Who is excited for the show?



Article written by Ingrid

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