The Seven Sins of The Sinner (Slight Spoilers)

The Seven Sins of The Sinner (Slight Spoilers)

The Sinner is a relatively new show with great reviews, mostly about lead actress Jessica Biel. I recently saw the entire first (and for now, only) season of this tv-series. It’s weird how the show has such high rates, but yet almost nobody I know has seen it yet. It a very original series with only eight episodes. But as there are tons of reviews already out there, here’s a different take on season 1: the seven sins of The Sinner. Beware: spoilers ahead!


The Seven Sins of The Sinner Pride

Jessica Biel can be very proud of herself for The Sinner. She’s not only the star, she’s also one of the executive producers. It was a long time since she starred in something of these proportions. I even think she hasn’t yet had her own star vehicle as she was mostly cast as a love interest. It’s certainly her most dark role yet, and all the nominations she has gotten for this are very much deserved. On why Biel got to producing, she said the following:

Producing puts the power back into your own hands, so you’re not sitting around waiting for somebody to deliver something amazing to you, which is very rare.


The Seven Sins of The Sinner Lust

Well, there’s a lot of sex in The Sinner. A bit too much for my liking even. Personally, I disliked the scenes where Bill Pullman’s character gets it off with… I still don’t know if she’s a hooker, an escort or just really into it. I get that it gave his character some backstory and that was great and all, but I didn’t have to see him naked that much.

Also, and maybe this is just me, but I honestly thought that Cora was a sexslave of some sort during the time she was missing and forced on heroin. But perhaps that is what the writers wanted the viewers to think, as this way the revelation of what really happened was more of a surprise.


The Seven Sins of The Sinner Envy

I guess the envy will have to come from the outside. Other actresses being envious of Jessica Biel, and how clever she was for producing this. For her nominations. Or envy from other television producers/writers for the way The Sinner is set up: just one story, eight episodes, and done.  Some series just go on for too long, or they have to take 20+ episodes to get to the point.

So, envy is probably the least prominent sin for The Sinner. And that’s good, because envy can tear you apart. Praise each other and let others have their moment of glory. Go Jessica Biel!


The Seven Sins of The Sinner Gluttony

It’s all about the bingewatching with this sin. Overindulgence, if you will. Because there are only eight episodes and The Sinner is described as a ‘close-ended series’ this is a great series to binge on. Especially since you really want to know what happened to Cora, and why she murdered a seemingly random dude on the beach.

At first, I thought maybe Cora was an evil mastermind who controlled everything. But as the season progressed, it became clear she was honestly a victim, and not the person orchestrating everything.


The Seven Sins of The Sinner Greed

Greed follows gluttony. As The Sinner season 1 is finished and the Cora storyline has a clear ending, not much is known about a second season. And the viewers are certainly greedy for it! But, The Sinner is based on a book (The Sinner by Petra Hammesfahr) so there’s no new source material. At this point, there’s no news on if a second season will happen and what it can be about.

Perhaps, the series can revolve around detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) and a new case. His character certainly is interesting enough for this. And while Jessica Biel probably won’t star again, she can keep on producing and make sure The Sinner season 2 will be as great as this one.


The Seven Sins of The Sinner Sloth

For me, the sloth for The Sinner was the almost lazy writing concerning Cora’s sister Phoebe. You’re made to believe she has died from a lingering illness. Instead, she has been missing for years. I’m sorry, but I can’t comprehend that their parents never made an effort to search for her. There must have been a missing person file on her, at least. Parents can’t just accept that one of their daughters is just… gone. And when Cora finally came back, they didn’t ask questions? Or get her help remembering?

I get that the whole Phoebe storyline was supposed to be a big revelation and that was fine. But it’s sloth concerning with how the writers handled this. There’s no way a smart detective like Harry Ambrose wouldn’t figure stuff like this out. Maybe that’s why he never digged into Phoebe’s past.


The Seven Sins of The Sinner Wrath

There was a lot of wrath in The Sinner. A lot of very angry people, for very different reasons. It all starts with the one wrath to rule them all: Cora killing that man on the beach. Damn, that was one hell of a scene. Maybe even one of the best of the entire season. Even when you know it’ll happen (it’s in the premise of the series, in each trailer), it’s still very shocking. And there are more violent deaths in The Sinner.

Also a good wrath is the hate the family of Cora gets. To the outside, it’s clear that she’s a killer. Maybe even a stonecold one. So her family is targeted. It’s very sad for them but a good example of pure hatred.

The Sinner Sins

That’s it for the seven deadly sins for The Sinner. Have you seen this series yet? I wonder what the future holds for it. Will we see Harry again? Or is this truly a one-season series. In which case, I’ll need to find something new to watch. Any suggestions?



Article written by Nora

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