Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Who are Rey's parents?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Who are Rey’s parents?

We are so close to the release of Star Wars – The Last Jedi that fanboys and girls everywhere are peeing themselves in excitement. The Force Awakens was fantastic, then we got treated to Rogue One, which was basically an origin story. And neither one of them had any mention of sand! Anyway, The Last Jedi is going to be fantastic by the looks of it. Yet there is one burning question: Who are Rey’s parents? Is she a Skywalker? Is she a Kenobi? Or is she a Solo after all? The Sassologist Team is very excited for the film and we decided to ask ourselves the question once again.

Nora: She’s probably Rey Kenobi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Who are Rey's parents? Rey Kenobi

And her real name is Rey-Bi-Wan Kenobi. No, but for real. I can totally understand why some/most/all people think Rey is a Skywalker. The Skywalker clan is the coolest family there is. Who wouldn’t want to be a Skywalker (except YOU, BEN/KYLO)? It would totally make sense for Rey to have Luke as a father. BUT. It’s just so obvious, I don’t want it to be true. I want a surprise plottwist. So I’m hoping Rey is a Kenobi. Do you remember her hearing Obi-Wan’s voice in The Force Awakens, when she picks up that lightsaber?

J.J. Abrams actually had Ewan McGregor come in to record “these are your first steps.” And the “Rey” part in that sentence was said by none other than Sir Alec Guinness, the original Kenobi. And with him being dead and all, they actually cut the ‘rey’ out of ‘afraid’. So, to get back to Rey’s parentage. Why in the name of Jabba the Hut would they get Ewan McGregor to come in and say five words if it wasn’t pivotal for the story? Five. Friggin. Words. It has to mean something.

So I honestly don’t know if this means Ben Kenobi is Rey’s father (which would be kinda eewwww because he would have been very, very old and maybe even long dead already, but technology wins in Star Wars so everything’s possible). Ben might have had a secret child (yes I knoooow, Jedi can’t father children, but exhibit A doesn’t like sand). So that would make Rey the granddaughter of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Or their might be a cousin somehere but that would be a bit lame.

Either way, I hope they take the time to explore Rey’s parentage in The Last Jedi and explain what Obi-Wan’s role in this whole ordeal is. I know the chances are slim that she’s an actual Kenobi, but I would rather have her related to Ben and his kin than to be yet another Skywalker.

Tom: She’s Rey Solo

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Who are Rey's parents? Rey Solo

My predictions for the upcoming Star Wars movie The Last Jedi are: Leia will be killed by Kylo Ren to complete his transition to the dark Side, Rey is Kylo Ren’s much younger sister and they hid her, like they did with Luke and Leia. Luke will tell his story about his struggle with the Dark side and it’s temptation and Rey will have the same problem and Chewie will have to deal with his grief. Bonus Fin won’t be force sensitive and I hope on a bigger role for Captain Phasma plus Snoke is Jar Jar.

Sil: Agrees with Nora

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Who are Rey's parents? Rey Kenobi

I would like to believe that Rey is Obi-Wan’s granddaughter.  We all saw he had a thing for Duchess Satine of Mandalore and who knows, things might have happened. I know she died, but maybe she had already given birth to their forbidden-love-baby and perhaps that child was hidden somewhere in secret while Obi was looking after Luke? And yes, I am a sucker for forbidden romances.

Ingrid: Agrees with Tom

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Who are Rey's parents? Rey Skywalker or Rey Organa

It would be too obvious and easy for Rey to be Luke’s daughter. But that does not necessarily mean she does not have Skywalker blood running through her veins. This video showed the evidence better than I could. In the Force Awakens, Kylo Ren asks Rey if she still wants to kill him. Hello? You just met? Also, when Leia first meets Rey, she basically ignores Chewbacca and goes in for a hug with Rey. Hello? You just met? The screenplay even mentions it being a ‘mother’s embrace.’ It would make sense why Luke’s lightsaber called out to Rey. She’s his niece after all. Also, Kylo Ren is quite nice to her. Also, in this scene, Kylo mentions that Han Solo feels like the father Rey never had. But what if she actually is his daughter? It would explain her talents of being a pilot.

Let’s not forget that Luke possibly references Ben Solo in the trailer of the Last Jedi. He says he has seen that raw strength only once before. It would make sense that his sibling would have similar powers.


Who do you think are Rey’s parents? Let us know!




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