First Teen Titans live action TV-series pictures why the fanboys were angry this week

First Teen Titans live action TV-series pictures

While DC has hardly any luck with it’s feature films, their television series are pretty much all big hits. Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow: they are all very popular. This of course is mostly thanks to the CW and the huge fanbase for these shows. While I’m not a fan myself (I stopped watching all of them), I certainly understand their appeal. And now, a new television series based on a popular DC comic is hitting the real life screens: Teen Titans. Alas for the fans, this is not a spiffy new CW show so when the first images appeared… fans were not amused.

Teen Titans?

Come on, you’ve been living under a rock if you don’t know who the Teen Titans are. You’ve either read the comics or have seen one of the animated series. Most animated shows feature Robin (the Dick Grayson variant), Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg. In the new live action series, Cyborg isn’t part of the team, since he already is a part of the Justice League in the DC universe. Shame. So, there’s the main four, with some recurring characters also in the mix. Here are the four actors who portray Dick, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy:

Teen Titans Cast

Brenton Thwaites (Dick Grayson), Anna Diop (Starfire), Teagan Croft (Raven) and Ryan Potter (Beast Boy)

These are four fine young people and there’s nothing wrong at all with the casting. Make-up, special effects and costumes can make these four look like the Teen Titans, no doubt. I love that they took the bold choice to cast Anna Diop as Starfire. So far, Starfire has always been a white alien (she’s not a human), so it’s great that the casting took step into a diverse with the beautiful Diop. There’s no question she can pull off the magic of Starfire’s looks. I had all the faith, until I saw the first set pictures…

Robin, Raven and Beast Boy look OK

Here’s the first look for Thwaites’ Robin. There’s actually not much to see here. He could basically be any character out of disguise, or just any random dude on the streets. So there’s not a lot I can say about him really.

On to Raven and Beast Boy. Raven looks a lot less goth than in the comics/animations. But she still looks a lot tougher than the headshot for Teagan Croft on the IMDb. See, make-up (and hair) can do great things for a character. I don’t know why Beast Boy isn’t entirely green in this shot. Maybe it has something to do with the scene, maybe they’ll add it later, or maybe he’s not all green in this adaptation. But, he looks cool. And they look cute together. Though I find it hard/impossible to ship them this time around, as Croft is 13 and Potter is 22. Yikes.

So far so good right? I mean, there’s not much to go by. These are the very first images fans get to see and they aren’t official photo’s. But…

Starfire looks…  well, go see for yourselves

I love the character Starfire. She’s quirky, sexy, different (in a good way), powerful and cool. I also ship her to the max with Dick Grayson. And as said, it’s a bold casting choice, but Anna Diop is beautiful and while I haven’t seen her act in anything yet, she was cast for a reason. So we can safely assume she’s a good actress who can portray Starfire well. But damn. That first set picture of her is just TERRIBLE. There’s no other word for it.

I can forgive the ugly dress. In all media, Starfire wears pretty non-revealing purple outfits, so I’ll let this slide. It’s probably taken from an unflattering angle. The coat though, what the fuck is that? But the real horror, obviously, is that wig. That atrocious thing on her head. This makes Medusa’s wig (from Inhumans) look like the best wig ever made in the history of wig making.  Without further ado, I present you… The Wig That Should Not Be Seen:

and more:

But, Anna Diop’s reaction wins the internet

As you can imagine, fans are freaking out all over the world. Just check Twitter. There are some mild reactions, some very funny reactions, some creative reactions but sadly, the trolls took over. And this is all because of some set pictures. Not officially released images. And while TWTSNBS is horrendous, there’s nothing the cast can do about this. But Anna Diop braved the comments and took to Instagram, where she made the following statement:

#Breezy 🖤 To the ‘Titans’ fans: Yesterday a photo of me on set leaked online. And it was unfortunate because fans have been waiting MONTHS for a photo of ‘Starfire’ and a sloppy (😐) photo of me on a curb in 15 degree weather is what they got instead 😂 For the sake of our incredible fans – I hated that this is the first picture people are seeing. It’s out of context and it’s a misrepresentation of the incredible character I get to play. And also a misrepresentation of the phenomenal production behind it all. With that said – the hate speech that followed was deplorable.

And though I am highly unbothered 💅🏿 I do want to use this as an opportunity to say that tearing people down is not something that I tolerate. For myself or anyone else. Too often social media is abused by some who find refuge in the anonymity and detachment it provides: misused as a tool to harass, abuse, and spew hatred at others. This is weak, sad, and a direct reflection of the abuser.

Racist, derogatory, and/or cruel comments have nothing to do with the person on the receiving end of that abuse. And because I know this – I’m unfazed 🙂 But for anyone out there who may not – I am here to remind you that whatever ugly and negative thing anyone ever chooses to say about you is always a reflection and revelation of themselves- it does NOT define you, and it certainly does NOT make you any less perfect than you are – Be you! Stay beautiful! Live breezy 🙂 As always, Much love 💕

Een bericht gedeeld door Anna Diop (@the_annadiop) op

Holy crap what a powerful statement and what a gorgeous picture. Starfire-worthy! So yes, you can hate the wig (I’m having nightmares about it), but remember:  it’s just the first image we’ve seen. Whatever you do, don’t hate the actress. We’ll just have to wait and see what the Teen Titans hold for us, and if it’ll be another DC hit on TV.

Titans doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s set to come to our screens somewhere this year. 



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