The 5 most traumatic Disney moments

Ah Disney. If there is one studio in the world that can give you a good feeling, it’s the house of Mouse. Everybody has seen a Disney film in their life and when you ask someone about their most important cinematic memories, classic Disney films are often on top of the list. But when you think about it, not every Disney film is all happy. Yes, they never get as dark as the fairy tales they are based off of. Still, life is not all sunshine and roses in Disney films. We don’t want to traumatize you again, but still we’ve made a list of the five most traumatic moments in Disney films.

1. When Bambi’s mother gets killed

Some call this one of the most shocking moments in cinematic history. Disney did not have the right to break our hearts this way, but still they did. Who doesn’t remember watching the film with joy. Nothing was wrong at all. Then halfway through the film, Bambi’s mother gets brutally murdered by the hunter. The death was educational in a way. It served to show children that the death of a parent is possible. Still perhaps it was a little bit too early to teach kids such things.

2. Mufasa’s death in the Lion King

Disney didn’t think the death of Bambi’s mother was dramatic enough. In the iconic film The Lion King, everything seemed to be going well. Of course we knew Scar was up to no good. But to kill his brother? We didn’t see that one coming the first time around. The moment Mufasa falls off the cliff and later lies unmoving on the ground, that is painful. The moment that Simbo begs his father to wake up was simply heart-breaking. Personally, I am still not over this moment.

3. Widow Tweed leaving Tod behind

Even though Widow Tweed had no other choice, it is still said that she had to leave Tod behind. In the film, Copper, a hunting dog, and Tod, a fox, are good friends. They don’t realise that they are supposed to be mortal enemies. Tod is an orphan and has been adopted by a farmer called Widow Tweed. She takes care of him. One night, Tod is being hunted by Copper and a couple of other dogs. One of the dogs gets hurt. The owner of the dogs, Tweed’s neighbour, blames Tod and wants to kill him. That is why Widow Tweed brings him to the woods and leaves him behind. That moment alone gave us chills.

4. The first 10 minutes of UP

Up is a great film, but the first ten minutes are like a punch in the face. At first they show us how Carl and Ellie marry each other. Everything goes fine until she gets a miscarriage and they find out they will never be able to have children. They want to go on a dreamtrip, but they keep having to spend money on other things. When Carl finally arranges the trip, the couple is already much older. Ellie falls ill and dies. No, I am not crying. There is something in my eye, that’s all.

5. When Triton takes Ariel’s place

Teenagers. They are very good at making your hair go grey. However, there are few teenagers who managed to mess up as big as Ariel did. After saving Prince Eric, she was so desperate for him to fall in love with her, that she made a deal with Ursula. She got legs, but lost her voice. Everything goes wrong and eventually Ariel gets kidnapped by Ursula. The evil sea witch gives Ariel’s father Kig Triton the choice to save his daughter by sacrificing his life. The king does this, of course. In the end, all is well, but still the fact that Triton loves his daughter so much that he gives his life for her is a beautiful but tragic moment.


What is your most tragic Disney moment? Let us know!



Article written by Ingrid

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