The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – Full series review

About a week ago, I posted my first review for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. At that point I had only seen one episode, so I wanted to get back to you and write about what I thought of the entire series. The first episode was good, at least good enough to keep me hooked for the time being. But what about the rest of the series? Were the ten episodes all exciting or not?

Sabrina becomes annoying

Alright, perhaps this is not something I should start with right off the bat, but it’s something that has kept haunting me the entire series. The more episodes I watch, the more annoying Sabrina becomes. Of course, she is a half-witch and a feminist and that is all good. However, at times she pushes it too far. Somehow Sabrina feels that the entire universe should bend to her will, because she is oh so special. She pushes others to view things the way she sees them, not taking the feelings of others into account.

Throughout the series, many people tell Sabrina constantly that she shouldn’t do something because it is not her place to do so. For example, in one episode she is determined to bring someone back from the dead. She has never done it before. Just five minutes before that, her aunties tell her that the burden of being a witch is not being able to interfere with the life of mortals. There is such a thing as a natural balance. Sabrina constantly ignores this. If she wants something, it has to happen. Period. Basically the entire series went like this:

Everyone: Sabrina, no!

Sabrina: Sabrina, yes!

Now of course she needs to do stupid things for the plot to be interesting. However, in the end it just made me dislike Sabrina. That should not be the point of a main character. I hope they will make her more likeable in the next seasons.

The rest of the characters

That said, the rest of the characters were a joy to watch. That is, the characters who aren’t mortal. The mortals are a bit dull. Characters like Sabrina’s cousin Ambrose and her rival Prudence are what makes the series so much more interesting. Every single time they are on screen, the series gets ten times better. The same goes for Sabrina’s aunties. They are a far cry from the aunt Zelda and Hilda from the original series, but they are entertaining nonetheless. To be fair, the non-mortal characters were the only reason I kept watching the show.


The premise of the show is interesting. Sabrina is a half-witch/half-mortal who has to choose the path of light or the path of night on her sixteenth birthday. many people have interest in her taking the path of night, but Sabrina refuses. What follows is basically a chain of events in which Sabrina makes foolish decisions against the advice of those who love her and want the best for her. She is stubborn and questions everything, except for one character who enables her stupidity. That is exactly the character who has a double agenda. Sabrina naturally doesn’t see this, because she has a case of tunnel vision.

The series is dark, but not scary. It could have been even darker, had they followed the plot of the comics more closely. It would explain why Sabrina made all these irrational decisions (in the comics, spoiler, Harvey dies). Now the plot is confusing and repetitive at times, which is a shame because the show has so much potential.


While Sabrina has its good moments, it is not as good as it could be. Visually the show looks stunning, but hopefully they will manage to get more potential out of the story in season 2 and actually make Sabrina a compelling character.



Article written by Ingrid

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