My thoughts on the first episode of Haters back off

My thoughts on the first episode of “Haters back off”

Everyone over the age of 25 may not be familiar with YouTube stars, but Miranda Sings, the alter-ego of Colleen Ballinger, is well-known amongst legions of fans. Ballinger became famous as the overly-confident and terrible singer, who appeared to be a spoof on all the aspiring Youtube stars who in reality are not that talented.

Scripted TV vs. YouTube

The character of Miranda works very well in 4-minute videos, in which she appears naive and endearing. The character has transitioned to the slightly bigger screen, as she now has her own Netflix show called “Haters Back Off”. I watched the first episode to see if Miranda is as funny in a scripted 30-minute show as she is in her YouTube videos.

The first episode follows Miranda’s journey to become a Youtube star. She uploads her first video in which she sings Defying Gravity. Her biggest fan and manager, Uncle Jim, is certain she is going to be famous. What follows is a 30-minute episode in which Miranda experiences her way up to more views, her first fanmail and hate comments.

Zero laughs

Is it a good show? Well, unless you are a hardcore Miranda fan or can appreciate the very specific dry humour, I don’t think this is a show you will enjoy. The characters are very standard, which is not a bad thing in itself, but the problem is that none of these characters are actually funny. You have the supportive ‘dad’ type which is uncle Jim, the mother who tries to be young and supportive but who is afraid to say anything bad to her daughter, the intelligent sister who doesn’t fit into the family and the smitten boy who lets the Miranda use him as a servant.

The amounts of laughs: 0. The whole show feels tedious and annoying. The overacting is tiring and doesn’t work like certain comedy shows such as the Office do work. While Colleen and her actors are clearly talented, they don’t have a chance to shine in “Haters Back Off.”

It goes to show that what works on YouTube does not necessarily work in a longer show. So perhaps I’m a hater, but I won’t bother watching the other episodes of the series.



Article written by Ingrid

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