It’s about time Marvel: the Black Widow solo movie

Ever since she appeared in Iron Man 2 in 2010, Black Widow has been a fan favorite in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). After Iron Man, she appeared in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War, as well as in all Avengers films. And where all the Avenger dudes (except Hawkeye… sorry dude) have their own franchises, Black Widow is stuck as a secondary character, supporting the men in the leads. But, things are finally looking up for our favorite Russian spy.

Step 1: writing a script

Now, Marvel has yet to give the official green light for a Black Widow film. But, things are looking up, as they at least hired a writer. Jac Schaeffer is on board as (script)writer for this project. Apparently, Marvel big chief Kevin Feige met with several potential writers. But, as everything concerning the Black Widow movie: everything is still a rumour. It’s also said that star Scarlett Johansson had a say in the writer for this project. Schaeffer is a bold choice, as she only has four writing credits on her IMDb page: TiMER; Mr. Stache; Olaf’s Frozen Adventure; Nasty Women. So her talk with Feige and/or Johansson must have been amazing. Maybe she already has ideas for the story, or did a great pitch. Either way, it’s super that there’s a woman on board to write the script.

If Schaeffer writes a script, Feige & Co will have to approve it. Only then, the project will fo forward. So while hiring a writer is a big step, it’s still a long way away from actually becoming a movie. Chances are, Schaeffers first draft will have to be rewritten a couple of times, maybe even by other writers. It’s how Hollywood works. But perhaps Schaeffers script will be so legendary, there doesn’t have to be a lot of tweaking and things will start going very soon. Babysteps and waiting are the keywords here.

What could we expect?

Black Widow Solo Movie Budapest

Fan-made poster for the fake film Budapest

With Marvel, pretty much anything. Natasha Romanoff has been a part of the Marvel comics since 1964, so there are a LOT of storylines to pick from. Chances are though, they’ll go with something that fits nicely in the MCU. So I reckon there will be roles and cameo’s for other MCU actors. I don’t think the Black Widow movie will be a origin story, as the character has been with us since 2010 and we already know some of her past. It’ll probably be a mix between an action packed superhero film and a spy movie. Perhaps she’ll go back to Russia to deal with her past. Perhaps an old foe will come to her. As said: anything is possible.

Fans of the Marvel films have been wanting a ‘Budapest’ film, which would be set at least before the first Avengers film. Remember this quote between the two besties Widow and Hawkeye?

Natasha: This is just like Budapest all over again.

Clint: You and I remember Budapest very differently.

So this could be something to work with, and we all know Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner have amazing chemistry together. But, I reckon Budapest will have to be something fans can write fanfiction about, and the Widow solo film will be about something completely different. Still, I would love to see Hawkeye play a part.

Another MCU character we might see in the Black Widow movie, is Bucky Barnes, aka the Winter Soldier. In the comics, they worked together before even dating and having a relationship. Now, in the films Natasha is romantically involved with Bruce Banner. But hey, that could end. Two former Russian spies working together and helping each other with their pasts, it sounds like a cool deal. Besides, actor Sebastian Stan reportedly has a deal for nine (!) Marvel films in his contract. With three Captain America films and the upcoming two Avenger films, this leaves him with at least four films. He could very well appear in the Black Widow film. He also has great chemistry with ScarJo.

What to see before the Black Widow movie

For starters, Avengers: Infinity War is coming to cinema’s this spring. And Black Widow is, duh, in that movie. So that’s a must see. After that, Avengers 4 (there’s no official title yet) will also be out before any Black Widow solo movie. And obviously you can re-watch all films with Natasha in them. In 2019, Captain Marvel is set to come out. This is Marvel’s first solo film with a female lead. Brie Larson is on board as Captain Marvel. Not much is known yet about this project. It’s even unknown if she’ll appear in Infinity War. It’s all very hush hush. If she’s in it, it’ll probably be in an after credits scene. Director Joe Russo even denied she’s in Infinity War. And if you’re looking for another superhero film with female lead and don’t mind skipping from Marvel to DC, there’s always Wonder Woman.

So, it’s still a long, long wait for a Black Widow solo movie. But as things are set in motion finally, the wait is now a lot less hard.



Article written by Nora

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