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Top 5: tv-series I wish more people would see

It’s always great to talk about the tv-series you follow with friends or coworkers. You can recap the latest episode, swoon over the characters or talk about what storylines annoyed you. So it’s somehow less fun to watch an amazing show that none or few of your friends have seen. Recently someone asked me what shows I wish more people would know of/see. Interesting question, especially since I started watching Legion! So, here is a list of those shows in hopes more people will get to see them.

1. Legion

When I first heard of Legion, I kept the show on my radar, even though little was known about it at the time. I love all things Marvel and X-Men on the big or small screen, so this was an instant must-see for me. As a result, I put it on the list for new & exciting tv-series for 2017. Legion’s first season consists of 8 episodes, with the last episode to show on March 29th, which is ALMOST. As soon as the complete series is done, I will write a review.

Legion FXWhy you should see it: it’s Marvel! It’s X-men! Well, the last kinda/sorta, since nobody mentions them ever, nor does anybody know who David’s father is (yet?). In the comics, his dad famously is Charles Xavier. Legion has an amazing cast, lead by Dan Stevens as David Haller. The most intriguing character is Aubrey Plaza’s Lenny who I should not say anything about, since you should find out for yourself.  The supporting cast is great as well and the visual effects are stunning, especially if you keep in mind that this show has no huge X-Men movies budget. Every episode leaves you asking for more and every week I’m sad when the episode is over. The show takes risks in being completely different than any other superhero show out there. Also, there are only (sadly) eight episodes, so you’ll be done in no time.

Why you should maybe pass: this is vagueness to the max. You will go ‘huh?’ ‘what now’ ‘que?’ ‘nooooo way’ ‘wuuuuuut’ and ‘eeeerm’ several times each episodes. Your eyebrowes will be raised the entire time. It’s crazy, it’s weird, it’s very different. If that’s not for you, Legion might not be your new show. But please, give it a try.

2. Westworld

Westworld is HBO’s latest show. Since HBO isn’t the hitmachine it once was, this could have been under your radar. It wasn’t as heavily marketed as, say, Game of Thrones. But since Game of Thrones only has 2 (short) seasons left, HBO needs a new hitseries and Westworld could just be it. I wrote a piece on 100 thoughts I had when watching episode 1, so perhaps that could be a starting point for you.

Legion FXWhy you should see it: the setting of the show is awesome. It’s basically a huge gaming area (Westworld) in which guests can interact with hosts (robots, but better) and play out their Wild West fantasies. There are several pre-made storylines the guests can follow, but things go wrong (as they almost always do with robots on screen) and… well, go see for yourself. If names like Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris and James Marsden excite you, you’re in for a treat. Also, Westworld has two kickass ladies in the lead: Thandie Newton and Evan Rachel Wood, who both got a deserved Golden Globe nomination for this. They play hosts with a ‘more than meets the eye’ backstory. Westworld’s creators are Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. Nolan did a lot of screenwriter for his brother’s (Christopher Nolan) films, so is no stranger to creating great plots.

Why you should maybe pass: if westerns aren’t really your thing, Westworld might also not be. But keep in mind it’s not actually a western, but set in the (not too distant) future. This isn’t a show you can just quickly browse, it’s deeper and considers your attention. Keep that in mind.

3. Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

It seems there are a lot of vague television shows on this list, and maybe that’s why not a lot of people are watching these shows. Before I saw Legion, I thought Dirk Gently was the epitomy of weird, but Legion easily wins that competition. Still, Dirk Gently is very enjoyable in it’s own way. It’s such a fun and crazy show. You don’t even need to know a lot about it, just watching it should get you wanting more.

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective AgencyWhy you should see it: if you like crazy, you’ll love Dirk Gently. Where Legion is ‘serious business crazy’, Dirk Gently is ‘surprising fun crazy’. Legion get’s you to think, has to have you focus. Dirk Gently is all over the place, colourful and mostly makes you laugh a lot. If Legion is too serious for you but you like weird television, try this. Read my review of Dirk Gently season 1 for a recap of what the show is about. This is a low-key show with not a lot of marketing behind it. It attracts new viewers mostly through positive word-of-mouth advertisement. Besides Elijah Wood there aren’t too many big names, although most of the leads will probably receive fame thanks to their brilliant roles. Fun Fact: Dirk Gently’s creator Max Landis is the son of Hollywood icon John Landis.

Why you should maybe pass: this is more crazy. There’s a chance this just isn’t the series for you as it’s quite different from most other things on television right now. If there’s any series that doesn’t make a lot of sense, it’s Dirk Gently.

4. Agents of SHIELD

Another Marvel show on this list, but it’s not set in the same universe as Legion (different networks and all). This show is a great tie-in for the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, as there is a lot of inside information in SHIELD on those films, and Agent Coulson of course appears in some Marvel films. Still, you can easily watch this if you haven’t seen (all) MCU movies. This is the most action packed show on the list.

Agents of SHIELDWhy you should see it: I’ll just repeat myself: it’s Marvel! The show is currently on it’s fourth season, so there are a lot of episodes to watch if you’re new to this show. This is one of those ‘oldschool’ shows with still a whopping 22 episodes per season. The show never takes itself too serious and you can tell all the actors are having so much fun. It’s also a relatively unknown cast, with the exception of Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson and the amazing Ming-Na Wen as the kick-ass Agent Melinda May. She alone is a reason to watch Agents of SHIELD. And you’ll love the bickering science duo that is FitzSimmons. If you love the MCU, you’ll really enjoy this television series. It’s not the best show around, true, but it’s a lot of fun, filled with humour and there is some great action.

Why you should maybe pass: the 22 episodes per season are a bit of a set back to be honest. Luckily, each season now consists of two major plotlines. Another downside if you’re new to the show: the first half of season 1 is just not that good and you have to go through that for some better television.

5. Modern Family

I know, this show shouldn’t be on this list, as it’s very popular. Still, when I was asked the question which shows I wish more people would see, this was my number 5 answer. This is because I always recommend Modern Family if people ask for a comedy to watch. More people should come to love this show about three families who are all part of one big family. It’s the longest running series on this list, with season 8 currently on air.

Modern FamilyWhy you should see it: Modern Family has the most amazing characters. They are funny, relatable but over-the-top, amazing people. There aren’t a lot of great comedies around at the moment. The Big Bang Theory was one of my favorites for a long time, but that series has lost it’s charm as it’s predictable and repeats itself. Modern Family is never predictable, always a bit goofy and it’s different than other comedies since it uses a ‘mockumentary’ camera style in which the characters talk to the camera. I couldn’t name a favorite character since they are all soooo good. Patriarch Jay, trophy wife Gloria, husbands Mitchell and Cam and their snappy daughter Lily. My favorite family are the Dunphy’s though: stressed out working mom Claire, ‘cool dad’ Phil (ok, confession: he is my favorite character), ditzy Haley, smart Alex and dumb Luke.

Why you should maybe pass: there are people who just don’t like comedies and if you’re one of those people, you should pass on Modern Family. Otherwise, I can’t think of a reason why you should not stop reading this article and start watching this amazing series.

Let us know your top 5!

Are you following any of these five shows? What do you think about them? And what would your top 5 be if you had to answer the question what shows do you wish more people would know of/see?



Article written by Nora

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