Save Wendimoor: Dirk Gently season 2 Holistic Detective Agency

Welcome to the Magical Realm of Wendimoor

Ah yes, the mystical land that is Wendimoor. You must have heard about it. For generations, two well-known families are feuding over… things. From their castle, the sophisticated Dengdamors argue with the pinkhaired Trosts who own beautiful farmlands. And who can forget the sacred forest of the Bofuki Nepoo, home to the powerful Wakti Wapnasi? It truly is a magical place, with it’s crazy giant moon and flying train. Sadly, Wendimoor is in big trouble, and only one person can save the land from total destruction. The one from the prophecy. His name? Dirk Gently.

Dirk Gently Season 2

Dirk Gently season 2 Holistic Detective Agency Save Wendimoor

The first season of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency was one of the weirdest shows out there when it premiered last year. Together with the equally (but of a different kind of) absurd Legion, it took viewers by complete surprise. Who knew crazy could be so good? And where the first season had to take time to introduce each character, this second season can just plunge into the action and weirdness. Because weirdness is what you’ll get. Admittedly, at times, it is a bit much. With the introduction of all the Wendimoor characters, it’s a lot to take in. Even when you expect batshit crazy things.

But, as Dirk Gently goes: everything is connected. When something doesn’t seem to make any sense at all, just wait until an episode further into the season. It’s all connected, and as the season progresses, all becomes clear. It’s some very clever writing. With just 10 episode, there’s no room for longwinding subplots or characters that hardly matter, and that’s great. Some tv-series just have too many episodes. Ten is the right amount for Dirk Gently. Everything that needs to be told, is told, and no more. So each character gets the screentime they deserve. All your favorites are back: Dirk, Todd, Amanda, Farah, Ken and Bart. And this season, there’s more room for the Rowdy Three and Hugo Friedkin, who each get more (deserved!) screentime. I for one really loved the interaction between Ken and Friedkin. Friedkin actually turned into one of my favorite characters.

New characters

Dirk Gently season 2 new characters Suzie Boreton The Mage

Even though there are already plenty of colourful characters around, season 2 of Dirk Gently finds time to introduce even more. And it’s never too much, as each plays a pivotal part in the plot. There are characters from Wendimoor: starcrossed lovers from two rivalling families (not Capulet or Montague) Panto Trost and Silas Dengdamore. Also from the magical realm is the Mage, played by the ever so cool John Hannah, who we previously saw in Agents of SHIELD. And ofcourse the magical being Wakti Wapnasi. Try saying that five times. From the ‘regular’ earth the best new castmember is Mr. Priest, played by the awesome Alan Tudyk, who can even make a rooster sound great.

For me, two new characters that didn’t quite work out were the police officers from Bergsberg (I kid you not). Sherlock Hobbs and especially Tina Tevetino felt out of place and didn’t fit in as well as the other characters. I felt that Tina was all over the place, and with Farah already there as kickass bodyguard, it didn’t make sense to add this character. It felt a bit overacted for me and her storyline was just… meh. But hey, not everything can work perfectly. Tina was the biggest flaw for me this season. Luckily, there’s another newcomer who can make you forget Tina in no time: Suzie Boreton. She may even be the person with the biggest character development, although maybe that’s not for the better…

Besides all these new main/secondary characters, the realm of Wendimoor is home to a lot of weird and colorful creatures and beings. Wendimoor felt a bit like Oz to me. It was also fun to see other ‘projects’ from Blackwing. We already knew Dirk and Bart, but this time around, other special projects are also introduced.


Sadly, this is probably it for our favourite holistic detective, as BBC America cancelled Dirk Gently after season 2. Their official statement read:

We are beyond proud of this brilliant original series and so appreciative of the outstanding team behind it including Max Landis, Samuel Barnett, Elijah Wood, and many many others. It was a privilege to work with this talented and passionate group of writers, producers and actors on these two seasons of Dirk. Thanks also to the passionate fans who embraced this fantastically novel world.

And sure, pretty much every character got (some) closure, and there were even some happy ends. But there were some cliffhangers as well. What will happen to Friedkin? To Ken? To Bart? Will we ever visit Wendimoor again? These loose ends bug me. Also, I really want to see Samuel Barnett reprise his rol because that man is amazing. He makes Dirk come to life like no other actor could.

But, the Internet wouldn’t be the Internet without a hashtag to get a third season for Dirk Gently. And while it probably won’t work, never say never. After Sense8 was cancelled, fans helped to get closure with a feature film (instead of a new season). So get to social media and use the hashtag #SaveDirkGently. Who knows what will happen? Let’s keep our fingers crossed we’ll get to see the gang again. But whatever will happen, it will happen for a reason because: everything is connected.

So for now, a goodbye to the amazing cast and crew of Dirk Gently, who entertained me with two amazing seasons of a great show. And, I got one of my favourite new GIF’s out of it. See you around Dirk. So long, and thanks for all the fish.


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