Was I right about who dies in Infinity War? SPOILERS!

About a month ago, before seeing the EPIC new Avengers film, I made a guess about who dies in Infinity War. You can read all about my (spoiler free, as I hadn’t yet seen anything except the trailers) guesses here. No, as I saw Infinity War, I know the cold hard truth. My spoiler free review doesn’t mention who dies, but from here on out, there are spoilers coming your way. Click away NOW if you haven’t seen Avengers: Infinity War yet.

My first guess: Nebula

My guess on who DIES in Infinity war Nebula Gamora

WRONG! My bet was on the wrong sister. Though Nebula does get brutally tortured to the point of almost dying, she doesn’t eat dust in Infinity War. Quite literally, as she is one of the few Guardians of the Galaxy cast members who doesn’t turn into dust at the very end. Here’s what I had to say about Nebula’s death:

My guess is that Nebula will sacrifice herself to save her sister Gamora from their evil father Thanos. It would be the ultimate sacrifice. Not only can Nebula redeem herself with this, it’s going to be a great set-up for the next Avengers/Guardians films. It’s already known that Gamora will play a big part in Infinity War, so for me, this is a good guess about probably one of many deaths in this film.

So yeah… The only thing I got wrong was that Gamora played a BIG part in Infinity War. And my God, what a part. I believe she is one of the few characters who is truly dead, and will stay dead even in Avengers 4. Maaaaybe she’ll get revived in Guardians of the Galaxy 3, but I honestly don’t think so. It would make her death not as meaningful.

Gamora’s death was heart wrenching and crushing. But it was so very essential for the story. It made Thanos more relatable, more human even. It was clear that he is capable of feeling love. And it gave the other Guardians, and Nebula, purpose. Though a big FU to Starlord, for destroying the one shot of killing Thanos through his grief.

My second guess: Scarlet Witch

Who dies in Infinity War? Scarlet Witch or Vision?

WRONG AGAIN! For the second time, I picked the wrong part of a duo. I thought it would be too obvious for Vision to die, but I guess the Russo brothers and the screenwriters didn’t agree with me. It dd take a very long time though for Vision to die. His Infinity Stone was the last one Thanos needed. I would have thought for Vision to die pretty soon into the film, if it happened, so his death still surprised me. This was what I thought a month ago:

I don’t think Vision will die, because it’s just too obvious. He’s almost dying in the trailer, and Thanos has his Infinity Stone up and running at some point in the film. And I don’t think the MCU or the Russo Brothers would give away such a huge spoiler. So, while Vision lives, Scarlet Witch dies. It’s either because she’s in the line of fire wile saving Vision, or (another) self sacrifice, or something bad (but not lethal) happens to Vision and she’s taking her revenge a bit too far.

Vision’s still not my favorite character, but his death was tragic and sad. Mostly for Scarlet Witch, obviously. But, since she turned to dust, she won’t have to mourn him. I’m still in doubt whether Vision will stay dead. His body, yeah, that’s gone. But his mind? We  never learn how far Shuri got into the process, since she was attacked. So maybe, something of the man is still saved somewhere on a hard drive in Wakanda. We’ll know in about a year…

My third guess: Loki

Does Loki die in Infinity War?

I was right with this one… and it makes me very sad. I obviously suspected it and still, it took my by surprise. Mostly because it happened so very soon into the film. Also because of the way it happens: Loki being Loki, and Thanos just… crushing him. Let’s see what I had to say about the death of the Trickster God before I knew what would happen:

Infinity War needs a Big Impact death. And where everybody is putting bets on whether this is Captain America or Iron Man, my money is on Loki. By no means do I want Loki to die, he is one of the most intriguing characters from the MCU. But I think most things have been played out with him and there’s only so much ‘good guy, no bad guy, no good guy, no bad guy, no good guy’ they can write. It’s also not set in stone there’s gonna be another Thor movie and, same with Gamora, it’s said that Thor plays a pivotal part in Infinity War. Out of all my guesses on who dies in Infinity War, I hope I’m wrong about Loki the most.

See, I didn’t want him to die. But it was a Big Impact death, together wth that poor Heimdal. And Loki’s death set up basically Thor’s entire arc for Infinity War. So this prediction was pretty spot on. Will Loki return? Probably not. While Tom Hiddleston does have one more MCU film in his contract, it’s probably going to be a backlash, or a scene in the past (because there are serious theories Avengers 4 will have some scenes take place in the past of the MCU). It’s a very, very small chance this was one of Loki’s tricks/ a decoy Loki. So yeah, he’s probably dead. RIP Loki, you will be missed.

What about the dust deaths?

Does Bucky stay dead in Avengers 4? Or is he really dead?

So pretty much everybody I guessed was safe, died. Bucky, most of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Spiderman, Black Panther: they’re all dust. It was such a huge shock. The entire theater was dead silent when these heroes crumbled and stopped existing. Bucky saying “Steve?” and consequently dying, broke my heart. Spiderman/Peter Parker not wanting to go was truly heart wrenching. And Groot… Rocket’s reaction was so sad.

But. I honestly don’t think these characters will stay dead. There are heroes who will get a new film (Spiderman, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, the Guardians) and without the main stars, there’s not gonna be another film. Obviously though, Avengers 4 is shrouded in mystery. It doesn’t even have a title yet, since the Russo’s said that would spoil Infinity War.

So, we’ll have to wait and see if the three main deaths are indeed permanent, and if the dust deaths are not so permanent. I guess it’s up to Team Cap to save the world, since Steve and Natasha are still alive. And, Ant-Man and Hawkeye will appear in Avengers 4 (according to set pictures) and those two are also Team Cap. I’ll see you in a year with another prediction, this time about who will die in Avengers 4…





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