Why Deadpool is the best anti-hero

Why Deadpool is the best anti-hero

Just a short wait from now, we can finally watch Deadpool 2 in theatres. Ever since the first film was released, Deadpool has been one of my favourite anti-heroes. The merc with a mouth is hilarious and knows how to kick butt. I’m not alone in my love for Deadpool. While Deadpool made his debut in X-Men Origins, we prefer not speaking about that version. Yet after the massive success of his solo feature film, there was no way around Deadpool any longer. Yet what makes Deadpool so succesful? Here are a few reasons.

1. Ryan Reynolds

Why Deadpool is the best anti-hero

There is no better actor to play Deadpool than Ryan Reynolds, who was born to play the part. Reynolds was an avid fan of the character and begged Fox to greenlight a film based on the character and give him the role. Fox did not listen, but did offer him the part in 2007’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine. They told him that he’d either take the chance to play this character now, or they would find someone else. While Reynolds disagreed with the direction they took with the character, he did jump on the chance to play Deadpool then. When the film was leaked a month and a half early, and fans were indeed not happy, Ryan played the “I told you so” card. He said to GQ magazine:

“That movie leaked online a month and a half before it was supposed to be released, and all these people saw it and were so upset about Deadpool. I was in Mexico with some friends, and I was called by the chief of the studio, who said, ‘You have to get on a plane right now. We need to re-shoot the very end of the movie.’ I was such a douche, because I was like, ‘I told you so.’ I still get angry, because I remember saying, ‘You know, there are more Deadpool fans out there than you realize, and they’re not gonna be happy with this.’ I was met with a plausible reason, which was: ‘We don’t have enough time to develop a proper Deadpool suit and make him the fully realized version of the comic, so we’re going with this.’ But I was like, ‘Then don’t do it at all!'”

Let’s be honest, can you imagine anyone else playing Deadpool? Reynolds ket fighting for the merc with a mouth to find justice on the big screen. About writing the script, he said:

“We did every iteration of that script we possibly could come up with to please them and allow them to make the movie that looked vaguely like the movie we wanted to make. And in the end, we got to make the exact movie we wanted to make all along. There were drafts of the script that were sort of masked versions where we thought, Okay, if they let us do this,* we’ll actually shoot* this,* and hopefully they won’t notice.* And once the test footage leaked on the Internet, that created kind of a groundswell of support, which was the most invaluable tool we had to get the movie made. And the studio responded to that groundswell by saying, ‘Okay, here’s the absolute bare minimum amount of money that we will consider giving this character. Go make your movie, fuck off, and let us know when it’s done.'”

In the end it all worked out. Deadpool was a breath of fresh air in a world filled with serious superheroes.

2. A breath of fresh air

Why Deadpool is the best anti-hero

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, one of the reasons Deadpool was so succesful, is because of it’s humour. There were no limitations on what the character could say and do. Many feared that an R-rated superhero would not bring in the big bucks. But while Marvel films continued to be a success, DC and its more serious heroes did not perform as planned. Even Marvel didn’t have a superhero who said the f-word repeatedly. Which is exactly why Deadpool resonated with mature audiences. While many superhero films were cool enough, there are plenty about heroes saving the world or fighting one another. Deadpool gave us an anti-hero who still saved the world, but he did not play clean. That was exactly what we needed.

3. Breaking the 4th wall

One of the best known characteristics of Deadpool is his tendency to break the 4th wall. This means he addresses the public directly. There is no other superhero who does that. Basically there are barely any films in which any character does those things. While it can be a hard thing to pull off, it works for Deadpool. It contributes to the feeling that we are with him on his missions or at least that we are part of the film. Plus, he often manages to be hilarious while he does so. Seriously, I haven’t often laughed as much as I did while watching Deadpool.

Should he be part of the Avengers?

Now that Disney has bought 21st Century Fox and the rights to X-Men and Deadpool, it would be no surprise to see these characters show up in other Marvel films. I’m certain Deadpool will fix Infinity War’s disasters in no time. It would be interesting to see the dynamic Deadpool would bring to the Avengers. Sadly, Tony Stark does not see this as a plausible option. Ah well, we can dream.


Are you excited for Deadpool 2? What’s your favourite thing about him? Let us know in the comments!



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