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Why Him? – Film Review

Yesterday my friend and I decided to go to the cinema on a whim. There was only one film playing that seemed interesting to both of us and that was the comedy Why Him? starring James Franco and Bryan Cranston. I had seen trailers before I went to see the film and to me it appeared to another take on Meet The Parents only a lot less original and inventive. I also have quite a complicated relationship with James Franco, because at times I find him adorable and for a while I had a crush on him and other times he doesn’t appeal to me at all. But as always, I was prepared to be surprised and to have a good time, so I went into it with an open mind.

Was it a success? If you’d ask my friend, she’d say yes. She thought the film was hilarious and even cried at some point. If you ask me, no it wasn’t that good. I occasionally chuckled, but that is about it. The reason why I didn’t quite like the film was because the jokes felt a little bit old. It has all been done before, but better. Just like in Meet The Parents/Fockers sex-jokes are at the heart of the whole film and after a while that gets tiring. Haha yes, you have paintings of animals fucking each other. Hahaha you swear a lot. Haha old people have sex too. Hahaha penis jokes. Seriously, I did not expect the jokes to be incredibly witty or original, but these jokes were American Pie level and quite frankly, we should just forget that those films exist.

Another thing I didn’t quite like was that the story did not feel like it could truly happen. Give me Harry Potter and I believe magic is real; but I don’t see why the girl in question actually chose him. So the Why Him question never really gets answered which is a shame.

James Franco and Bryan Cranston

However, the film wasn’t all bad news. The actors were really phenomenal, perhaps even better than the material itself. I have never seen Breaking Bad, but I have seen Bryan Cranston in The Infiltrator and I was impressed with his acting there, so it’s no surprise he did so well in this film as well. And James Franco? Well, let’s just say he is a great actor and adorable in his weirdness, which is a good thing as there aren’t enough actors who dare to be strange.

All in all, if you see the film for what it is and consider it to just be a mindless comedy, then it is not hard to watch it and perhaps even enjoy it. If you are not into sex jokes, then maybe skip this one.




Article written by Ingrid

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